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Laizhou farmers Wang boss raised 40 sows, in order to solve the problem of mother sow tears, use bile acid 1kg / ton, mix, use for about 20 days, the sow tear spots are disappeared, he is bile acid The effect is very recognized, and now 500g / ton will be added for a long time.
After a period of use, Wang Boss feeds back to dealers, adding bile acid sow, the quality of milk after the production of milk is significantly improved, and the health of piglets is improved! Weaning piglets continue to use, the pigs weaning the pigs are very smooth, and the diarrhea caused by the replacement is significantly reduced. Occasionally there is a diarrhea pig, and you can recover after simple treatment! It can be seen that the degree of health of piglets has been improved! What is Longchang bile acid? Bile acid is the main component of pig bile, with the same physiological function as the pig’s own bile: as excretion, can discharge liver toxins, protect liver and gentle health; as digestive fluid, can promote fat and lipid substance digestion absorption! Add bile acids to the sow feed, one aspect can quickly make up for the insufficient bile secretion caused by liver damage, discharge of toxins accumulated in the liver, solve the problem of mother sow tears; on the other hand, it can improve the feed utilization, especially fat And the digestive absorption of fat soluble substances, improve the quality of milk! Add bile acids to the smash pig feed, can supplement the bile of the piglets in the pig liver, insufficient function, maintain intestinal health, improve the digestive and absorption of piglets on feed, and can increase the weight of piglets!

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