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Autumn breeding egg ducks should be poultry medical Mo-Napu rural farmers, “Spring is afraid of four, autumn afterstead, dragging eight, born to wax”. In other words, the lunar calendar is a difficult relationship, spent this difficult, and the duck can be eggs to the twilier, there is a possibility of maintaining more than 80%. Therefore, autumn should strengthen management, pay attention to nutritional adjustment, maintain environmental stability, and delay the feathers as much as possible to improve the production level of egg ducks. The introduction of the technical points of the autumn duckling technique is as follows: 1. Guaranteed that the natural light time in the fall is gradually shortened, which is not conducive to the egg ducks to maintain a strong reproductive function, to supplement artificial light, the light time is less than 16 hours, and stabilize the light intensity . Generally 20 square meters of duck house install a 40-watts of bulbs, the lamp is added to the lamp, and the lamp is equal to 2 meters, the housing height is 2 meters, keeping the light bulb clean. The light can be opened when the morning is bright, and the sunrise is turned off, and the light is turned on at night, and the lighting method for 16 hours shut down. Second, improve the feeding protein level autumn animals have accumulated energy, to ensure the feature of safety, and egg ducks have to control long-term, prevent overfertility. The energy should be appropriately reduced or the appropriate movement should be appropriate, and the weight of the autumn duck is within 2 kg. At the same time, it is appropriate to improve the nature level of the daily grain egg, and the diet crude protein content of egg duck should be increased to 18%. Subseeding egg ducks should be appropriately supplemented with protein feed to enhance sufficient protein to meet the needs of laying. This ensures that the autumn duck is multi-laying from the summer to the winter solstice. In addition, it is necessary to supplement the inhalable salt feed, preferably in the duck house (1 part + shell powder 3 parts of bone powder), and the duck is free to eat. Third, do a good job in cold and cold, scraping the wind, scraping a temperature, will drop a temperature, the sudden decline in temperature will result in a significant decline in the egg yet, and the production should minimize the change in duck household climate. Therefore, we must do a good job in the deep autumn, cold warm, it is best to keep the duck house temperature at 13 ~ 20 ° C. At the same time, keep the egg duck shed to dry. Autumn is a rainy season, the sports field is easy to accumulate, and the pads in the duck house are easily humid. It is necessary to take measures to reduce the humidity in the house, prevent the pads from being too moist. See duck disease, consultation phone: 17768276005 WeChat

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