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The three major factors of the egg duck eggs were decided to have a small factor of the poultry medicine. Specific analysis is carried out in the environment of the farm during the breeding process. Regulate the egg duck egg yield to increase egg duck breeding benefits. The size or weight of the duck egg is mainly determined by the following three aspects. One. Egg duck variety physical condition Egg duck varies also affect the quality of single duck, different quality of egg ducks in different varieties. According to the average egg weight of 5 blue shells, 4 white-shell egg ducks in recent years, the average egg weight of the blue shell eggs weight is found. During the birth egg, the physical condition of egg ducks also determined the quality of egg ducks, generally no sick, healthy and produced eggs more larger. two. Opening production, the weight of the egg ducks in the production of egg ducks, the weight of the egg duck is the largest, the weight of the early egg is the largest, and the weight of the first egg has a decisive impact on the weight of the first egg at 18 weeks. Therefore, it should be closely paid attention to the early feeding management of egg duck, so that the weight of the post-prepared duck is reached by the standard weight, the mother duck reaches the standard weight when it is opened, and the standard weight of the duck egg can be obtained. The weight of the duck egg has been large, but if there is too much accumulation in the body, the product is difficult, so the weight of the duck is needed during the birthplace. It is often checked whether the duck is only a standard for the end of the 6 weeks of age. If the standard is in line with the standard for 7 weeks old, the weight is performed in the next week, if the standard body weight is exceeded, the feed feeding is reduced to control the weight growth, if it is below The standard should be increased accordingly to promote weight loss. The lay eggs of the mother duck also affect the weight of the egg, usually the eggs of the initial production of egg ducks are lighter, and the egg duck is produced; increased with egg ducks, the weight of the egg Also increasing. Such as Romer has increased correspondingly with the increase in product eggs, but it is unfavorable to reduce the quality of the egg shell, so that the protein level in the diet should be reduced in the post-eggs to limit the growth of the mother and duck, and improve the egg shell. quality. three. Many nutritional factors of feed nutrition and environmental conditions can affect the size of duck eggs, of which moisture supply and energy, protein, and hydrocholic level have a greater impact on egg weight and size in feed. Water supply water is one of the necessary nutrients necessary, and sufficient supply of water is very important to maintain the norm of eggs of ducks and eggs. The duck egg has a water content of about 65%, and each egg is needed for 340 ml, and the weight of the water is small, the weight of the egg will result in a largerInfluence, especially when the duck is in the peak and hot summer, the water supply is more important. Once the supply is insufficient, it will inevitably cause a decline in egg quantity and egg weight. The effect of Hao Shengyuan added to the feed in the feed is also very affected, and the duck absorption of Haoshengyuan has high yield, and the emphasion is evenly large. The relatively secondary sources of halo.
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