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The physical condition is a boss.
Prouked for a year
Fertilizer is not thin, it is not
Is it in the style of breeding? Still not adjusting to arise
In each period of mink breeding, the work of breeding period is the weight of the year, the breeding work is good and bad, directly related to the number of seeds, which affects the benefits of the whole year. As we all know, the physical condition is closely related to its reproductive performance, overfertile, and thin will affect breeding, so in order to improve the reproductive rate, ensure economic efficiency, enhance the management of kindness, it is especially important! The method of checking the physical condition

can be used in the branches, straw, etc. to be probed in the cage, so that it stands, observes its abdomen and hind legs. The abdomen is flat, does not show a clear small ditch, and there is not much fat in the hind leg, it can be seen as a standard physical condition.

For the abdominal ditch, it is necessary to increase the amount of feeding;

Conversely, for the abdomen, the fat type species, the fat type species, should reduce feeding .

The standard of the general species can be represented by weight:

bun 1.8-2.2 kg, (the old mother left by the last year After a large amount of fat accumulation in winter, it is necessary to properly lose weight. However, the male 貂 can not be too thin)

Overfertilizer, the regulation of thin physical condition

▲ Take weight loss measures: (1) Reduce the amount of feed Reduce the number of feeding per day. (2) Adjusting diet: reducing energy feed, reducing feed with high sugar content and high fatty amounts. (3) Increase exercise, the amount of male exercise is large, and the amount of female exercise can be small. (4) Reduce the gasket and increase the heat consumption.

▲ Thin regulation adopts fertilizer measures: (1) add a good feed, such as fresh lean meat, fish, milk, eggs. (2) Enhance appetite, increase the amount of feeding, 1 to 2 aerosolic diet sheets per day. (3) Add 1 feeding every day and night. (4) Reduce the amount of exercise. (5) Increase the plast and reduce heat consumption.
“When the fat is reduced, it will increase,Not fat, not thin, just “Joining” auspicious trumpet “or” Golden King “in the diet, you will be the best physical condition of” dressing and thin, undressing with meat “. A best guarantee for the breeding period !!!

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