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Hou Jizhong’s recent live market research reality: 1 broiler, egg hooks intestinal disease increased, with diarrhea, diarrhea, 2 metabolism, is mainly due to poisoning and lack of disease. This is consistent with the research data of the Wu Yangong researcher. The warmth of temperature is a major cause of these two clinical problems, and it can also be seen that the bacterial disease is high, and it is also an rational. Second, environmental protection, production, etc. 3_Pord .jpg

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Liaocheng, 817 broiler, after 30 days, with the rise in temperature, the food is slow, coupled with antibiotics, serious intestinal disease, mainly in water manure, material manure, and stool Redeworms caused by small bowels. Cardiac: liver swelling blood, intestinal inflation, swelling, intestinal wall and other conditions, after the diagnosis, decisive use of bile acid + Le Chang combination, use the intestinal disease effectively improvement, fast feed volume rapidly, effective Solved the problem of the later periods of breeding, getting customer recognition. What is Le Chang? Le Chang is a small leaf (more 桉 桉) eucalyptus essential oil: Small leaf eucalyptus Eucalyptus Polybractea is a wild multi-buds in the Shandigo, Australia, Australia, and more eucalyptus, High extraction rate, close to 5 ~ 7.5% (50m3 = 20 tons = 100 ~ 150kg), including 84-87% of the eucalyptus, generally 0.5 ~ 1.8%, and 67 to 75% of eucalyptus vacuum ). The main two major functions of clinical treatment: 1 for intestinal diseases: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory music, contain a variety of phenolic substances, the hydrophobic component can directly act on the cell membrane, accumulate on the bacterial bilateral lipid film, occupying fatty acids Space between the chain. This interaction causes a change in the structural conformation of the bacterial cell membrane, resulting in the liquefaction and expansion of the cell membrane, loss of film, enhancement permeability, ionized intracellular ion and content, and ultimately leads to bacterial cell death. 2 For parasites: inhibition, kill! Le Chang can significantly reduce the ball in the small intestine and the blindThe number of oocysts, significantly reduced the incidence of parasite infection. Le Chang can act directly on the cell membrane, destroy the integrity of the cell membrane, and make the permeability of the cell membrane vary, thus hindering the absorption path of the nutrients on the membrane, so that the nutrients in the film are large, and the parasite is not nutritious. Death. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please register. Thank you

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