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There is no parasites in the circulating water, which requires answers from the source, assuming that the breeding system itself is not contaminated, daily management specification, the source may only be three: seedling, water and food.
If a fisherman begins to breeding in circulating water from the hatching of fish, and the feed used is also a standard. It is impossible to carry live parasites or eggs, and water is more circulating water. The system is processed, so the probability of infection parasites is basically zero. The cage breeding is also similar. If you fed the bidding feed in a clean waters who did not raise the rainbow trout, the breeding seedlings were born from the fish eggs, and the probability of infected parasites was almost zero! But who can ensure that the breeding waters is clean enough?
Therefore, the origin is very important! Since the rainbow trout is a freshwater fish, many cold water conditions can be cultured, but the water quality is uneven, some rivers infected with the fish in the river or the reservoir increase, because other freshwater fish in these waters, it is likely to form it. Complete parasite life history spread chain.
The rainbow trout is also the reason why the three-piece fish is so hot for some time. In fact, the public is really concerned that the rainbow trout is not a salmon, but the rainbow trout is used to be safe!
The rainbow trout is not a salmon but is a freshwater fish. But the freshwater fish cannot be raised, freshwater fish, shrimps, parasitic parasites, such as pulmonary insects, Chinese branch, sorghum, jaw nematode, broad festival Cracking aphids, life can infect human body, some or even fatal, very dangerous! Therefore, the rainbow trout is very easy to infect parasites, which is great to human health.


How should we avoid the infection from fish parasites?

First, remove the intestinal parallectic nematode larvae is easily parasitic in the visceral and intestinal tissue surface of the fish. Remove the intestines and check the body cavity and muscle, remove all visible parasites. In most cases, especially salmon, parasites can also be found in muscles, especially around the body cavity and excretion holes. To carefully check the red swollen fish near the hole.
Second, if you eat before you have to eat, you must ensure that it is frozen at -15 ° C for at least 4 days, which will guarantee all larvae. If it is whole fish, stripes or thick cuts, the general family-style refrigerator does not freeze, then the temperature is lower or the freezing time should be appropriately extended. General recommendation for more than 5 days to ensure low temperatureIt is 4 days at present. This recommendation is equally applicable to cold fish and pickled wild fish.
Third, fish cooked and hot fish should be thoroughly evaporated after smoking (maintaining the thickest fish 60 ° C for more than one minute), and the scaly structure is generated. This approach can kill all larvae. However, it is usually the practice to maintain 70 ° C for two minutes, so that in order to ensure another pathogen, single increase, Listeria, is also completely killed.
Four, the fish purchased from the formal store usually has a better quality control, and the chance of infection of parasites is extremely small. Because the solders sold are required to be inspected by appearance, and a palate contaminated fish products are strictly prohibited from selling. In addition, unless the special case, all fish cooked or slightly cooked, must be low-temperature freezing procedures before selling all parasites.
Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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