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Recently, the feedback from some pig friends has been reported that their own fattening pigs are inexplicably dead, and the whole body is severely congestive, the skin, the neck, the abdominal side and the lower abdomen, the skin, the skin, the pressure is not fully faded, death White foam appears after the mouth. Other pathogeneous pigs rose to 42 degrees Celsius before the onset of the disease, and accompanied by difficulty in breathing, urgent, therapeutic effect is not ideal, and it is serious. After the anatomical, there is a large amount of foam liquid, sore throat swelling bleeding, pulmonary edema, pulmonary leaflet, sometimes pulmonary adhesion, and the spleen is not swollen.

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Dead pig limbs, neck, abdominal, purple-red spot

Photographs from pig friends and the description of anatomy, we have initially diagnosed as pig lungs. Pig lung disease is caused by pig bacteria, commonly known as “locked throat”. The symptoms are mainly characterized by sepsis, pneumonia, pleurisy. The most resounded sepsis occurs, the throat is swollen, and the breathing is very difficult, and death suddenly. Acute type is symptoms of cellulose pleura pneumonia, of which pig lung disease (pneumonia) is very similar to infectious pleuric pneumonia, the difference is that the thoracic pneumonia caused by Bacillus will lead to sudden death of animals. Chronic-type infected pigs will become very thin in a short period of time, but it can survive for a long time, sometimes accompanied by inflammation symptoms.

Most of these situations are affected by environmental and mixed infections. When the feeding management is not good, under the harsh environmental conditions, such as the sharp change in temperature, the relative humidity is high, the ventilation facilities is poor, or induced by factors such as long-distance transportation, malnutrition, feed mutation, parasite intrusion, etc. When the animal’s body is resistant to the decline, the germ will take advantage of it, and infection occurs. It is worth reminding that the hot season is more popular, and the pigs in the sealed environment is easy to send. It is worth mentioning that pig is infected with other diseases (such as mycoplasmic pneumonia, infectious pleuropa, pseudohavisia, blue ear disease, etc.) It is easy to induce pig pneumonia-type Bacillus disease.

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Dead pork neck swelling, nostrils outlet white foam liquid

In terms of veterinarians or people who have experienced experience in pig pigs can make a preliminary diagnosis. However, in the diagnosis of pneumonia-type pork Bacillus disease, it is often misdiagnosed with pig pneumonia mycoplasma, pig bacteria, porcine gelegial bacillus, pig infectious pleuropneumonia, etc. The diagnosis needs to be carried out to the laboratory for bacterial separation culture, pathological histology observation, etc.

Research reports in recent years, the volatility of different strains, and drug resistance is gradually increased. Our porcine-talking recommendations are preferred to conduct drug sensitivity tests, which are more sensitive, economical for treatment and health.

For which effective drugs are treated with pork Bascobacillus disease, the treatment drug recommended by our pigs is long-acting oxygen, cefuroyo, Enovia, fluorobenzene Niki, etc. Large groups can be fed 5-7 days with gemmycin or Enno Sadxing, or use quality reliable compound amoxicillin or fluorine nicker drinking water for 5-7 days. In addition, our pigs have recommended to strengthen feeding management, do a good job in environmental control inside and outside the pig farm (biological safety measures, ventilation, day and night temperature difference control, etc.), it will significantly reduce the disease.

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