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After nearly 40 years of development, the industry is in the stage of “value” and “brand”, all business regression is essentially! Whether it is “value” or “brand”, its foundation is in “product”. The motivational industry has entered a complete competition, enter the noble era, the shuffle is even more fierce! Really demand creates big brands —- Le Chang! Since the launch of Le Chang, the farming friends have a meaningfulness of the world. 1: In the summer, the overfolius caused by egg poultry, pulse and worship! Red manure caused by small bowel worms! 2: What medicine is disabled? Use music more and more! EU feed additive certification directory, 2017 get the final review and confirmation, so this version is still current. 3: One course of treatment is less than 9 cents / only 4: Customer WeChat feedback Every product has a strong vitality: First, it is deeply rooted in countless terminal customers, the customer is really good. Second, the selection of conscience raw materials, especially plant extraction products, the special geographical environment produced by Victoria, Australia, is a small eucalyptus, true deeds, good essential oils; the third is Longchang’s 14 years, and it has been adhering to “Never get involved with green , The safety-independent feed additive industry, each product is soaked in Longchang’s social responsibility. More effective, safer, and more economical is to position the music and precise market, this summer is indeed unleasing! 3_Pord .jpg

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