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Breastitis is a multi-disease commonly used in cows. In particular, the incidence of recessive breastitis has a year-on-year rise, which seriously affects the development of dairy aquaculture.

Acute breast inflammation can directly cause the abandonment of milk, the amount of milk, the value of milk is lowered, veterinary medical expenses and drug fees and labor increases, and the impact of breast inflammation is particularly high due to its infection rate. . After the cow of breast inflammation is cured, its milk will not recover soon, and the feed feed cannot be converted into a milk, and some of the nipples will even become, not breasts, and the economic losses brought more.

The clinical symptoms caused by different pathogens are different, but the basic symptoms are sick breasts to have varying degrees of congestion, increase, hard, warm and pain, lactation, reduce or stop.

Causes of dairy breast inflammation:

There are many reasons why dairy breast inflammation, most mainly due to low immunity, breast defects, improper milking, and bad environment. Equisical induction causes breastitis in the case of pathogen.
The pathogenic microorganisms of breastitis are more complicated, including bacteria, fungi, molds; yeast, viruses, and more than 80 kinds. Under normal circumstances, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and E. coli account for more than 70% in clinical breastitis; asymptomatic recessive breastitis is higher than the clinical breastitis, its incidence is about 50% of the entire cattle. The recessive breastitis is approximately 90% of Streptococcus and grape glutinous.

Status quo for treating dairy breast inflammation:

The complexity of breastitis has determined the difficulty of treatment, but the general treatment principle is to eliminate the causes and pathogens and enhance the body’s resistance. The means for routine treatment of breast inflammation is mainly antibiotic drugs.

Nowadays, the impact of antibiotics has become more serious about the harm of dairy industry. It is mainly due to the current common antibiotic drugs to have a wide range of pathogenic bacteria that have spread in the dairy farm. There are more and more cases of sexual breast inflammation and chronic breast inflammation; especially L-type variants formed after a large amount of antibiotics, which makes it only to use more antibiotics, which is still hidden in the breast survival, chronic infection of breast, at any time Causes breast inflammation recurrence.

Prevention is mainly, supplemented to

In this grim new situation, how to effectively prevent cows during breeding cowsBreastitis, can also ensure drug resistance, no drug disabilities, etc.

First, keep the environmental clean and sanitary health is the foundation, strengthen milking equipment disinfection, management, and do a good job in sterilization before milking, etc.;


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Secondly, domestic cattle fields have confirmed that gallium ion antibacterial agents have strong inhibitory effects on Streptococcus, golden staphylococcal, E. cells, and copper green pseudomonas, especially for a variety of bacteria including multiple resistance. The pharmacteria has a better antibacterial effect. It does not destroy the normal acidic environment and flora balancing in the breasts like antibiotic drugs, which can achieve long-acting antibacterial effects that are no longer recurrent by bovine breasts.

At the same time, the micro-element of the gallium ion antibacterial agent can promote cell repair, improve immunity, and the enhancement of dairy autoimmune is also increased to the resistance of their own pathogen.
On the cows with breast inflammation, a cows in Guangdong use a gallium ion antibacterial agent for cows with breastitis, and the treatment of cows are generally at least two + or more, 200 grams each time, 5 days later 80% of the cure effect, the milk is in terms of somatic cells to reduce the milk quality; in the use of the cows, the whole teapuch cattle chooses to use Elite for a month, 50 grams per day in TMR, all The overall diarrhea disease is reduced in the overall diarrhea disease, increase resistance, body cell decrease, indirectly reduces recessive breast inflammation, and the incidence of breastitis has also increased, and the milk quality such as cream, milk protein has improved.

In addition, the gallium ion antibacterial agent has a good antibacterial effect by the US Food Medicine Administration (FDA) certification, which can be used in generally recognized safety materials, which can be used as a drug. There is a problem of drug residual problems; therefore, it is not necessary to stop the milk or abandonment of milk or abandonment, which can reduce the loss of the dairy farm, improve the economic benefits of the cattle farm.

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