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The seeds have a strong feeding ability, so growing rapid growth, weight is rapid, but if not control, then the body weight of the seed chicken is easy to exceed the standard, which affects it, for this purpose, 4 weeks of age. Be sure to restrict feeding, the specific techniques are as follows:

Limit feeding First, it is first guaranteed that the chicken body is in line with this variety standard. The chicken body is heavy, especially the weight of the hens, the amount of eggs will be greatly reduced, and the qualification rate of seeds is also reduced. Moreover, heavy weight often occurs in legs.

Limit feeding allows the skeletal and internal organs of the meat seed chicken to be fully developed, maintaining appropriate weight, delaying the mature mature of the meat seeds, making it mature and body maturation synchronization. After the chickens were 27 weeks, the egg yield rate was more than 50%, and the peak of the laying of the layout of 30 weeks agreed. Therefore, the use of limited feeding, allowing the seed chicken to produce the age, and the output is timely, the yield rate has increased, the peak of the layout is long, and the eligibility rate of the egg is high. Veterinary drug agents

Limit feeding can reduce the amount of food in diet, reduce feed consumption. At the same time, it is reduced the amount of fat deposition in the abdomen of the chicken, thereby reducing the incidence of rectal prolactors after opening production.
How to master the fed-fed method in production? At present, the method for restricting feeding can be divided into limited time, limiting method and limit method. In practice, it is not used alone, for example, the time limit is mainly controlled by controlling the feeding time of the seed chicken. This Law can be divided into daily restrictions, restricted bars and three forms per week.

Daily restriction is based on the nutritional needs of the chicken, weight gain, and maintains growth, daily, limited to the amount of feeding, and time for each feeding time. The advantage of daily restriction is that the chicken should have a small stress, suitable for the period of breeding, pre-feeding, and transfer to the product 1 week before

The on-day restriction is to focus on the feed of two days in L sky, that is, L sky feeding, L-day stop. This method should be a larger, but can alleviate its struggle, so that each chicken is substantially equivalent, thereby obtaining a heat gauge and a chicken group that meets the target requirements. This method is suitable for a flock in the stage of fast growth.

Weekly is limited to 5 days a week2 days, the 7-day feed is assigned to 5 days of feeding. This method is not much used.

The maturity method is mainly limited to the nutritional level of the feed, so that some nutrients in the octopus is below normal levels. A method of reducing dietary nutrient elements such as energy, protein, and lysine is usually adopted. It is worth noting that vitamins, minerals, and trace elements cannot be randomly reduced, and they still need to meet the supply.

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