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To make 8 kinds of sows must be eliminated! 1. Diversia sows from viral infectious diseases. Such a sow is even after the recovery of drug treatment, it may also be recurred during the product, and it may be transmitted to piglets, bringing unnecessary economic losses, to phase out in time. 2, sows with breast inflammation, uterine inflammation. Such sows need to be planarized, if cured and don’t revive, you have to eliminate it. Shandong and Meihua Group Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the mixed feed, concentrated feed, and produce the production and sales of feeds. Annual production, sales of 300,000 tons, total output value of 800 million yuan, is a key leading company in Jinan agricultural industrialization. The unique and Memory farming model is for the majority of egg hooks, and pig breeding users provide a sound technical service system, making the benefits of users to improve and have a good praise from more than 20,000 users. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Pay attention to WeChat public account: and Meihua Group to learn more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: Tel: 15853106958 QQ: 3332097010 WeChat: 15853106958

3, limb has a defective sow. For example, the sows of the legs not only affect the breeding, but also due to poor physical fitness, the low-output pigs will not be healthy, and it should be eliminated in time.
4, repeatedly with infertility sows. The sow of the empty, returning 3 times or more, must be eliminated.
5, sows that are unambiguous. That is, this will happen in the next time, such sows will also be eliminated.
6, sows that are overfertile or over. Physical fat or overdone will affect the reproductive performance of the mother pig, if it is controlled by the feed, it is necessary to eliminate it in time.
7, sows that have poor production performance. Some sows are affected by genetic genes, and each child is only produced by three or four piglets. Such sows must be eliminated. Including the mother pig milk is not good, bitter pigs, difficulty production, postpartum, etc., and even poor sows must be eliminated.
8, sows with high premature age. Generally, the preparation age of the sow has exceeded 7 tires, and the production performance will decline, and it is planned to phase out the update and maintain the vitality of the base sow.

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