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There are many kinds of rabbits, and because of the reason for the rabbit itself, many diseases have been greatly discounted after symptoms, so rabbit disease should be treated as soon as possible, and below is the attention item of some rabbit disease, everyone can see a bit.
First, fast diagnosis, find out the cause, to do the right medicine, try not to use drugs before it is not determined, but the treatment of bacterial infections of acute diarrhea can take treatment measures.
Second, after the diagnosis, the most effective drug will be used. The sooner it is, the better, do not drag the water, the practice proves that the treatment is best in 5 hours, it is more than 5 hours, the cure rate is 3 More than one hour later, the cure rate is reduced by 20 -30%, more than 8 hours, and there are few cure rates.
Third, light disease When he is seriously ill, the first administration dose must be sufficient. The larger the medication is, the better the drug is allowed to ensure that the drug will give the bacteria fatal blow, and then adjust the appropriate amount of condition. Consult QQ: 2627108897
Four, in the case of choice, the drug should be used, and the best way to choose the efficacy, the best way, in general, the efficient, intraperitoneal injection, muscle injection, followed by oral administration. Any of the drug can directly act on the lesion, such as the nose, drip, and topically.
V. Timely observation after administration, if the effect is obvious, it has proved that the choice of drugs is correct, the effect is not obvious. Timely adjust the medicine, there is a poisoning reaction immediately stopped.
Sixth, avoid long-term use of the same drug, although the treatment is effective, it is not more than one week to change the medicine.
Seven, in the process of medication, it must cooperate with the improvement in neutrality, nutrition supplement, pay attention to the resistance of the rabbit itself.
Eight, drugs for healthy rabbit prevention drugs to reduce costs under the premise of ensuring effectiveness.
Nine, prevention drugs are mainly do not distinguish between susceptible rabits.
Ten, there are all kinds of drugs in order to use medicine in time. Consultation QQ: 2627108897
Rabbit disease is the biggest reason for the loss of rabbits during rabbit breeding, and rabbit must be cautious. At the same time, pay attention to the contagism of rabbit disease, avoiding excessive loss.

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