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1. Rabbit is connected to the chicken house, and can not be paid with the cage. The reason is that the toxic gases of the feces of chickens will cause rabbits to grow slowly, produce meat, hair and leather quality, more serious is that many infectious diseases and parasitic diseases will cause chicken, rabbits to infection, such as coccidi Disease, Bacillus disease, Salmonella disease, Staphylococcus disease, etc. In addition, the biological clock and life habits of the two animals interfere with each other, and it is difficult to adapt each other, so they should be bought separately.
2. The roof of the rabbit house is built with asbestos. Asbesto watts are thin, the heat prevention heatstroke is poor, especially the cotton tiles contain a large amount of glass fibers, and the fiber is easy to make the fiber, which is easy to cause rabbit cough, asthma, and follow the rhinitis, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, keratitis and other diseases.
3. Caise the bunny to catch the ears and waist. Grasping the rabbit and waist, will damage the inner organs of the rabbit. Therefore, you should touch the rabbit head gently, wait for the rabbit to quiet, then grasp the skin of the rabbit neck, gently mention: and attach the rabbit hips. Consult QQ: 2627108897

4. Available to feed green silage. The acid of silage is large, which will affect the growth and reproduction of rabbit cadecinioma, resulting in a reduction in the number of cellulase of microorganisms, causing poorly indigestion, causing acid poisoning. To feed green silament, use a small amount of silage and other feed, then feed it, do not give a slander.
5. Too oral antibiotic drugs. Oral oxytetracyclines, anti-essential antibiotics, will use a large amount of micro-organisms in the intestine of rabbits to cause bacteria, especially Salmonella, to accelerate breeding, leading to rabbits to disease and difficult. Therefore, the rabbit should pay attention to the use of rabbits, it is preferred to use muscle or intravenous administration.
6. Avoid growing in a light-free environment. Some rabbits don’t pay attention to the rabbit to pick out, causing the rabbits to be in love or empty, the male rabbit is not mixed or can’t afford it. Production practice proves that the effect of lighting on rabbit breeding is large, and the breeding of rabbits is 14 ~ 16 hours per day, and the light intensity of rabbit house is 4W / square meter.
7. Avoid growing in temperatures and humidity environments. Temperature has an important impact on the growth, fertility, fertilizer performance, and feed utilization rate of rabbits. The optimal temperature of rabbit life is: adult rabbit 10 ~ 25 ° C, firstThe rabbits are 30 ~ 32 ° C. In general, the temperature is higher than 33 ° C to take cooling measures, and the temperature is less than 5 ° C to take temperature measures. Most of the humidity is and the temperature is affected, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity are unfavorable to rabbits. The relative humidity in the general rabbit is preferably 60% to 65%, no less than 55%, and cannot be higher than 70%. Consult QQ: 2627108897

8. Rabbit disease prevention and treatment avoidance of light defense. Once infectious diseases occur, the rabbit is often high. In the production of rabbit, especially some small rabbits, do not pay attention to rabbit disease epidemic prevention, waiting for the rabbit to treat symptomatic treatment, so that the ideal therapeutic effect is not met. Therefore, to establish the idea of ​​preventing weight, do a good job of daily health disinfection and immune work.
9. Available in the market to buy rabbits at will. From the rabbit purchased from the market, the first is an anti-preservation; the second is that the rabbit on the market is not a rabbit but a commodity rabbit, although it can reproduce the production, but the production performance is lower. Therefore, it is recommended that the vast majority of rabbovs go to a regular large-scale rabbit field.
10. Avoid the introduction of too much variety. In general, the introduction of meat rabbit varieties should not introduce a variety of long-hairy rabbits and rex rabbits to feeding 1 variety, up to 2 varieties. Due to the introduction of excessive influence of breeding scale and benefits, it is particularly easy to cause breeding management. Tel: 0374-8136766

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