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Toxoplasmosis is a kind of protagonal disease caused by a human, livestock and wildlife caused by GongboPlasma, a sarcocystidae arcore (T. gondii). Most of them are hidden infections, but there are also symptoms or even death. At present, the disease is widely spread in the world, and its infection rate has a year-on-year trend, and most of my country has the existence of this disease. Cat is a major infective source of various susceptible animals. The folicity discharged from the feces has strong resistance to the various conditions of the outside, 3% carbonate, 0.1% mercury, 3% to Suer, 10% formalin liquid, etc. Soak to form a spore The ovary, even if it is not lost in 48 hours. Once the oocyst is formed, it can maintain the infection capacity of 1 year to 1 and a half after normal temperature and normal humidity. The architecture is a very wide range of parasites in an intermediate host. People, livestock, poultry, and many wild animals have susceptibility. Oral infection is the most important way to the disease, followed by infection with placenta, skin, mucosa.
General preventive measures are: control wild animals, especially rodents, and dog cats. For the care of the female cat, management should be strengthened, and do our best to prevent cat feces from pollution to feed, drinking water. In the severe epidemic area, the dog should be prevented by drugs.
After the animals are in ill, sulfadia, sulfamer, sulfonamine, sulfonadia-6-methoxyzamine, sulfonamine sulfone, methoxyamamine, and enemy. treatment. These drugs have better efficacy, especially with sulfamer-6-methoxypyrimidine and sulfonyl sulfonic sulfonic sulfonyl sulfonyl sulfonyl sulfonyl sulfonyl sulfonyl sulfonyl. If the above sulfonamide is combined with antibacterial synergies, the efficacy is better.

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