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Fermentation bed ecological culture is the mainstream mode of proponents and recommendations in society. It compared to traditional ducks, what are the same and different?
Taking the ecological fermentation bed as an example, fermentation bed ecological breeding duck feeding management is the same as the traditional duck model:
To make a vaccine, control the occurrence of the disease;
2. The cultured density should be appropriate, keep: 5-6 / square;
3. Duck seedling size as balanced, health;
4. Duck The coil is open to facilitate ventilation, take away extra moieties in the fermentation; and play the skylights and terresies in time.
5. When the weather is hot, especially during the summer season, open the fan forced ventilation to achieve heat-saving and cooling purposes;
Danacher’s ecological duckling method is mainly based on traditional ducks:
1 . Solved the problem of difficulty in producing feces in ducks. The feces can be fermented by microorganisms in the gas to provide nutrients for ducks, and there is no smell in the house, no mosquito flies, environmental refreshments, solve new rural construction problems;
2. Reduce duck disease, Improve the quality of duck meat. There is a customer statistics to 1000 ducks are less than 4 or so. And each duck can save a drug fee of 0.3 to 0.5 yuan.
3. Large rapid increase in labor production efficiency. Duck houses don’t have to be sahed every day, save more than 50% of labor;
4. Overcome the problem of slow growth in winter. The duck grows health in the golden baby fermentation bed, improves the growth rate of ducks, and can be all over 4 days in advance.
5. Improve the economic benefits of duck duck. Ecological fermentation bed The first investment cost is more than traditional ducks, but considering the total cost of investment and revenue, the economic benefits of fermentation bed ducks will be higher. Each meat duck can save a lot of costs, feed, hydropower, etc .; the calculated meat is about 1.85: 1, a duck is taken 12.4 kg, with a weight of 6.27 kg.

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