Training a tip of dog

timg (1).jpg Dog learning is a very interesting action, which tips can be successfully trained to the dog?

  • Step 1: Hand holds a small meat dry or dog on weekday love, with the password “New Year” (or “Bai” and “Thank you”), at the same time put the “bait” in front of its nose, the distance is about 10 cm, 45 °, slowly pull high, and lure the dog slowly. It will slowly stand up with your gesture, slowly stand up with your gesture.
  • Step 2:

  • When I started, I was afraid that this can stand up for 1 second, and it doesn’t matter. I will definitely be a long time. I just started to give it a little meat immediately, see if it can stand more, a little longer, the body pulls the longer, indicating that its stability is, in order to maintain a balance, naturally began to make “New Year” preparation action.
  • The third step:

  • Some dogs will be separated, even one, don’t look like a Baiwen or congratulations, it doesn’t matter, you can help it Close to, let it get used to standing, the front claw will be naturally alive. Remember, you have to encourage it, let it know yourself. Fourth step:
  • Once the dog stands for a long time, and the front claw is naturally close together, in order to balance the body, even start moving the movement, Description Your dog has been a New Year. At this time, be sure to give the little meat on your mouth into its mouth, and praise it out: “Good dog! Good!”

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