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10 In the forum, the big coffee knows that the cold sheep around 100 pounds cuts a year to cut a few pounds? What is the 80 kg? Thank you best answer, old rivers and lakes 139

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1, cut hair usually cut each year, 1 time in autumn, the specific time should be determined according to the local climate law, generally “Spring Slip Flower, Autumn Railing Leaf” It is not appropriate for premature and too late. It is easy to cause a cold. After too late, it affects the divergence of heat, affecting sheep only love and grow development. 2, cut hair cutting and hand-cut two kinds, regardless of the machine shear, or hand shear, requires the haap to have skilled skills, as far as possible, cut, hair, hair is complete. 3, clipping the skin cut, the grinding, no leakage, no hurt, no hurt. 4, cut hair should have a sunny day that has not changed in the weather, there is no wind …

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