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Sheep Slutiaosis is an acute infectious disease, which is seriously harmful to the flock, and the small knit is organized. Treatment and prevention of streptococcosis and share it with you. Sheep Slumosis is an acute thermal infectious disease caused by hemolytic streptococcus, mainly characterized by systemic hemorrhagic sepsis and slurry, cellulosene pneumonia. The seduction of the sheep, the rution weakened, the serious appetite is reluctant, I don’t want to move, stay up, the body temperature rises above 41 ° C, eye-catching film congestion, tears, nasal flowing slurry or purulent secretions. Some sore throat swelling, sensitive, breathing, stool is soft and bonded. Pregnant mother’s phenolic red swelling, congestion, pregnant mother is easy to abort, sick sheep, die, squatting. The prevention and treatment of Streptococcus disease is isolated in time, and sheep house uses 3% to sterilize. Treatment of pests and sheep: Injection “chain king” (main ingredient is sulfamethoxytoxyrimidine), simultaneously with the use of dexamethasone, An Nai near, camphor (anessate, strong), once in the afternoon, for 3 days. Prevention of the “chain king” in the unpredictable sheep injected. After the above comprehensive prevention and control measures are taken, the condition can be controlled. Concellation of Slutiaosis 1, the treatment of this disease, must consider symptomatic adjuvant treatment, while using anti-glutinous bacteria, it is necessary to adopt an auxiliary treatment of antipyretic, strong, and hydrolysis, which can significantly improve the therapeutic effect. 2. Once the disease occurs in the flock, in addition to treating the semes, it must also be prevention of drugs in the same group without episodes, while doing isolation and disinfection. 3, Streptococcus is a kind of infectious disease, and the majority of raising sheep should have attracted enough attention. It is recommended that sheep households should regularly inject the pestic bacteria vaccine to achieve prevention purposes. Streptococcus disease is strong, one but there are sheep, should be isolated immediately to avoid further spread of the condition.
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