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Acute rumor stomach is also known as ryese expansion, often in the cattle group, especially in the farmers to fertilize cows.

Symptom: The abdomen is swollen, especially the left hormone is even, and the severe cases can be highly raised. The diagnosis of rumen is tension and is elastic. Disease cattle often appears back to take care, use the hind limbs to kick, the heartbeat is accelerated, up to 100 times per minute. There is a foam saliva in the mouth, and the breathing can reach 60-80 times per minute. The body temperature is not changed, but occasionally fever appears. Dialect or no feces, when there is feces, stink of feces, and contain unbuned feed, no ruminance, do not eat grass, do not eat. The end of the dead, sports disorders, stand instability or falling in the ground, constantly squatting, squatting, and finally due to severe difficulties in breathing, or heart paralysis. The seriously onset of cattle, develops rapid development, can die within 1-2 hours. Even after the stomach is stomach, it will still be recurred, and the disease is often up to 7 days or half.
Precautions: Prevent excessive feeding of easy fermented young juicy or forage with rainwater. The green grass that contains too much water is given to the sun while feeding to reduce water content. Try not to stack your blue grass to prevent blue grass fermentation. Never give moldy, corruption, frozen, decomposed root plants and poisonous grass. The frozen feed should be fed and feeding. When giving the dairy clearance, it should be administered according to the null quality, try to apply the usual amount of medication to reduce the irritation of the cows.

Treatment: (1) Vinegar 0.5 kg, or the two packs of the tobacco adding vegetable oil to 1 kg, and then bake 100 mg of gastrointestinal activity. (2) For unsatisfied cattle, injection of 20 mg of News under subcutaneous injection, then inject it once. (3) camphor pills 10 grain irrigation. 50 grams of squid grades, 2-3 rinsing oil 2-3, 2-3 days of sinking. ⑸ For the cow, the cow, which is extremely difficult to breathe, should be given immediately. The gas should be discharged slowly while injecting 20 ml of gas into the tumor stomach (or 15-20 ml of Suer, or 10-15 ml of Holmalin) plus appropriate amount of water. ⑹ ⑹ 脉 补,

The above methods can be used as appropriate. However, for tumor stomach and fever, the bulls (such as An Nai near) and anti-inflammatory drugs (penicillin) must be given. In addition, in order to prevent the cause of the disease from recurrence, it is possible to use the torch branch (about the roughness of the knife) orThe lipid wooden rod, is in the mouth, and the rope is tie on the rope angle outside the rope on both ends. Reduce or stop the two meal feed, gradually increases when recovering. Trial
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