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u=213186297,2334167980&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Cat inflammation, if the drug is applied directly to the wounds of the oral cavity, the drug can act directly in the ulceration, which is very good to the treatment of cats, but pay attention to giving the cat. To flush the oral cavity first. You can use a medium of a potassium potassium permanganate, and if you can’t buy it, you can use a temperature saline.

1, Tong Ren’s oral ulcer is scattered

The main ingredients of Tong Ren’s oral ulcers are cyanile, white sails and ice sheets, and have clear heat sores. Treatment of mild inspiratitis is good. The oral ulcer is a light blue medicine, the parents can use the cotton swab to remove the medicine foam, 2 to 3 times a day, mild inspiratoryitis can generally be cured within one week.

2, ice boron

The main ingredient of ice boron is a fridge, boron sand (calcined), cinnabar and mysterious powder, clear heat detoxification, swelling and pain relief Efficacy, main treatment of people’s tongue, and use cotton swabs to apply a small amount of powder in the cat. 3, Watermelon Frost Spray

Watermelon cream is a common drug for treating oral diseases, and has certain curative effect on the treatment of cat moderate inflammation. The family must prepare a watermelon frost spray, which can not only treat cats, but also to treat cats, the effect is remarkable.

Cat implantation often uses external dressing is a Chinese medicine, and it is a drug with clear heat and detoxification effect. At the same time, I have to know that when the phytitis occurs, the cat’s mouth is very painful. The cat will not easily give the parents to myself medicine. This is also a bit of a lot of parents. About this, I can only come tough, I have a few people to help, Put the cat, although the process is more painful, but for the rehabilitation of the cat, it can only be the case.

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