Treatment of chicken gland inflammation

Cemented chicken
The disease is not seasonal, all can occur in four seasons, but in autumn, winter is most serious, and exudes more. The popular is wide, the speed is fast. In the 7 ~ 10-day breed, the chicks in the elderly, the pluries with lower temperatures are more vulnerable, the mortality rate is low, and after the disease, it is secondary to E. coli, mycoplasma, new city disease, coccidi, enteritis and other diseases, The mortality rate rises.

The initial expression of the disease is depressed, the head is drooped, the wings is drooping, the feather is not complete, the feeding and drinking water is reduced. The chickens are growing slowly or stagnant, weight gain stopping or gradually decline, and some chicken is only 50% or less of normal chicken. The chicken is pale, extremely lifted, and the feed conversion is reduced, and the feces are digested. Some chickens have tears, swollen eyes, and respiratory symptoms, shared white or green dung.

Main ingredients: Hawthorn, malt, six gods, betel nut, etc.

Main features: this product has chemical vitality, repairing muscle stomach, adrenal stomach Ulcer, protect gastrointestinal mucosa, swelling and sedative pain, jiantricos, and increase stomach motivation. Clinical attendant infectious adenitis, adrenal stomach, bacteria, and feed mold toxins, adrenal stomatitis, and secondary enteritis. It can be seen that the poultry appetite is declining, growing slowly, slim, gonadomy, thickening, ulcer, adrenal nipple swelling, hemorrhage, muscle stomach, shedding, tofu slag, etc.

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