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Fungi is an external environment Strong adaptability, single-cell or multi-cell microorganisms, feeding management and poor rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Once the rabbit is infected with fungal disease, the infection is relatively rapid, and it can cause damage to the skin and hair. There is no vaccination for the disease to be an epidemic prevention, so it is necessary to strengthen the feeding management and the cleaning and disinfection of rabbit, cquirting. Once some rabbits are found, the rabbit of the entire rabbit should be found by the rabbit, and the disease rabbit examined should be immediately isolated, treated or eliminated in time. Disease rabbits can be treated with a ufewei sterilizing film, and the affected portion can be rubbed with chirthritis.

Second, viral bleeding

rabbit viral bleeding condition commonly known as rabbit plague, mainly infringed, strong rabbits, mortality can be as high as 100%, so far no effective drug treatment . Although anti-blood cleaning can control the epidemic, it can provide a small unit of antiserum, so that the only effective method of controlling the disease is to inject rabbit vaccia in the period, and its protection effect can be up to 100%, and a reasonable immunization procedural in the epidemic prevention is Guan. The rabbits were immunized in 35 days, immunomatic rabbit seedlings were 1 ml, and the injection of single seedlings or femoral seedlings were strengthened at 60 days, and 1 ml were immunized every half year. Consult QQ: 2627108897
Third, diarrhea

Rabbit diarrhea is a complex problem, because the cause of rabbits will include the pathogenic effect of pathogenic microorganisms Also include feeding management factors. When the sanitary conditions are poor, the feed quality is poor, and when the feeding management is low, it may cause diarrhea in rabbits, or induce a pathogenic effect of microorganisms. On the other hand, rabbit is a herbivore. In the daily feed ratio, it should be based on grass, and the material is supplemented, too much cereals are also easy to cause diarrhea. Currently, diarrhea caused by microbial pathogenic effects, there is a corresponding vaccine for prevention, mainly with Types Taw Clostridia vaccine, E. coli multivalent vaccine, and Krelb strain disease inactivated vaccine. The young rabbits before and after weaning are immunized, and the occurrence and epidemic of controlling diarrhea can play an important role. Each rabbit farm (household) can choose according to the condition of the rabbit fielduse. The treatment of diarrhea is often not high, and death is prone to death after the rabbit is water, so it is necessary to hydrolyzate the liquid. Antibiotics can be added with 5% glucose brine, such as streptomycin, gentamicin, etc., can also be used as an antibacterial drug such as oral fluoric acid. Regardless of the cause of diarrhea caused by drugs, it is very important to adjust the diet structure except for drug prevention and treatment. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Rabbit respiratory disease is caused by a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, including Bacillobacterium and bronchine, Bacillus, and often Present a mixed infection. This disease has a common feature in clinical practice, that is, the disease rabbit has rhinitis symptoms, and its incidence is highest in winter. Although the mortality rate of rabbit respiratory tract does not have a diarrhea, due to the continuous condition of the condition, it is difficult to treat, and the growth and development of rabbits can be blocked, and the production of hair, meat, etc. have a great influence, and there is also a large economic loss. .
In production, Bacillus vaccine is used, and the Bacillus vaccine is good for preventing these two diseases. The rhinitis developed in recent years can be mixed in drinking water, or mix in feed in feed. Early application of antibiotics to treat respiratory diseases, such as oxytomycin, erythromycin, and sulfonamine drugs also have a certain effect. Of course, control respiratory diseases have been eliminated, isolating, treating, strict sanitation, regular disinfection, etc.
Five, coccidi disease

Rabbit balls mainly occurred in young rabits weaned to May age. Rabbits, loss of appetite or abolition, development stop. Chronic weights have fallen by 12% to 27%. The disease has not been used so far available, so drug prevention, early treatment is an important means of controlling the disease, but should be prevention. Mainly: The mother is separated, selecting the best prevention of coccidia, can not use a drug for a long time, should be replaced, 1 ~ 2 drugs are used alternately, using the dose of the drug is enough, stirring should be uniform, According to the specified treatment, the treatment of the course will affect therapeutic effect, and it is easy to produce resistance. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Rabbit 疥 病 is from rabbitThe outer parasitic disease caused by insects is caused by the skin, and the aphids have a high degree of invasiveness. If effective prevention measures are taken in time, they will quickly spread throughout the whole group, causing harm and huge economic losses. There is no vaccination for prevention. Prevention should be: regular disinfection rabbit house, rabbit cage, utensils, cage base to be soaked in a 2% enemy aqueous solution, dry after scrub, or disinfected with flame spray. Regularly check the rabbit group, once you find a sick rabbit, you must isolate the treatment in time. The rabbit house, the cage is completely disinfected, and the propagation range is minimized. Before the treatment, you should cut it around the rabbit to be mounted around the rabbit. After immersing the skin with warm water, carefully scrape the skin at the health junction, and then apply it to improve the efficacy. Currently, there are many drugs, such as urrotherapy, induced by 0.2 ml of the weight of each kilogram, or the affected portion can also be rubbed. The prevention and treatment of sputum disease should emphasize strict disinfection and repeated treatment, and once the disease occurs, there is a wide infection, there are many opportunities, and the recurrence rate is high.
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