Treatment pig pulling dilute diarrhea special effects is not afraid, pig lasertine

Piglets, righteous medicines, pigs, rare, and porcelain-raging special medicines. Pulling is not afraid of Chinese medicine ingredients (1. Main ingredients:
Baiheng, Huanglian, cork, tangerine, micro-state preparation
). Diarrhea is pulverized is one of the most common disease symptoms of small piglets, so how to prevent 崽 崽 腹 腹? What should I do if the pig is pulling thin?
According to the pig information, the pig diarrhea caused by different diseases often has certain age-specific, understanding the age of diarrhea symptoms

, which is very helpful to determine diarrhea Effect and scientifically. Pulling, good medicine, good effect, good reaction! Treatment pigs and straightened diarrhea with

First, the main ingredients:
Ballant, Huanglian, Cork, Chenpi, Microbial Formulation
Second, the functional is for indigestion or diarrhea caused by various causes such as transition stress This product has added microdocardial preparations, regularly uses adjustable

gastrointestinal function, improves the balance of the flora, reducing the ammonia flavor
Third, usage and dosage:
This product is mixed per 1 kg 200 kg, with 5-7 days. When pork diarrhea, the product can be fed directly 150 grams.
[Packaging Specifications] 1kg / bag * 12 bags / piece

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