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The feeding process of turkey can generally be divided into three stages of breeding, breeding and laying. Of course, if you raise meat with commodity turkey, the birthplace also includes a fattening phase.

Diji stage

The focus of feeding management is drinking water, flooding and temperature control. After the chicken is out of the shell, it is possible to move to the breast in the bread in 24 hours. After entering the breeding room, after the chicken is stable, drinking water. The initial drink can be opened with a clean water of about 20 ° C, or a glucose can be added to drinking water. 2 hours to 3 hours after drinking water, start to teach and eat. The newly emerging chicks should feed high protein feed, and the crude protein in the diet should reach about 25%. At the same time, it should also be replenished with various vitamins and minerals and green feed. 7 days before breeding, fed 5 times ~ 6 times a day, and fed 4 times later. The chicks like the spicy flavor, and the mixture can be properly dosed onions, garlic and leeks, to enhance the appetite of the chicks, and inhibit the bacteria, and promote the digestion of the chicks. The warmth of the newly echocompete is higher than the general home, and the temperature is required to reach 36 ° C ~ 38 ° C, which will drop 3 ° C per week until it is removed. Veterinary drug agent 1866.TV

The focus of feeding management is to ensure growth and development. When the mother fire, it is 8 weeks old, and the fire chickens enter the feeding period at 10 weeks. During this period, the feed is properly controlled, and the speed is slowed, which is conducive to the future egg. Generally, the rough protein levels can be reduced to 15% to 18%. Conditional can grazing during the day, makeup bran, grain, chopped sweet potato, etc. in the morning and evening. If it is used, you will have fattening. Strengthen management, pay attention to environmental, tools and other disinfection. Develop and strictly enforce the immune procedure.

The focus of feeding management is to maintain a higher egg rate and extend the time of printing. The mother turkey has entered the first egg stage from 30 weeks. Performance to feed all-priced costs, proteins are maintained at 18% to 20% level. Generally, the turkey has a 1,05 eggs, and the female turkey begins to cover the egg. In order to make the mother’s fire chickens, the common awaken approach can be taken to promote it as soon as possible. Turkey is natural mating, male, mother turkey ratio is 1:10, the roaming of the rooster, lively, lively, the feathers are bright, the legs are thick; the hens requires the back tail straight, chest wide body, feathers, meat The color is bright. In order to avoid close pro-assault, productsDegradation, the rooster should be introduced or exchanged from the field.

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