Two methods for brushing teeth to dogs

u=3454966173,3479147391&fm=26&gp=0.jpg The dog’s teeth are unclean to cause total bed impellence, gingivitis, etc. Once the dental gratum (the teeth and the tertuctation at the junction of the root) are very laborious. But if you are ignorant, the dog will start to turn out to teeth when you are young, and the nursing of teeth should begin with young age.

To everyone, two methods for brushing the teeth to dogs: 1. It is used with soft towels or disinfection yarn pads. Net teeth, then use the pharmaceutical cotton immersed to rub the teeth and gums, find that the residual food is left in the hand, and can be clamped with small tweezers.

2. It is to clean the teeth and gums for the teeth and gums with a dog special toothbrush and toothpaste (free), but do not come back to brush the teeth. If you can’t buy a dental brush for dogs, the soft hair toothbrush for children can be replaced. But don’t use human toothpaste to brush your teeth, which causes discomfort in digestive system. According to the indication on the pet toothpaste label, brush your teeth with an appropriate amount of toothpaste, and the appearance of each teeth brush it. In the first few times, the dog will be in the east, and the owner should help it.

  • Remembers fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and high fibers, and there is no special dog snacks such as rough and crispy dogs outside the dog food. When chewing, you can rub Dental appearance, help the mouth cleaning. Many Beijing Bar Dog Lord saw that the dog is very slow, just give it soft meat, in fact, the dog’s teeth need often tempering, so that the

  • regularly invoiced the veterinarian check, if necessary Reliable hospital for dogs. The teeth are not good, not only brings strong bad breath, will seriously affect its appetite and nutritional intake, bringing adverse effects to health.

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