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Recently, the price of internally inner spot corn has risen seriously, in which the Dalian corn main 1805 contract price is now a new high in the past two years. At the same time, domestic soybean meal, vegetable meal, barley, sorghum, fish powder, etc., the spot price, the overall performance, the market The price of unconventional raw materials rose, and the adulteration situation is abnormal. Recent market surveys found that the liver of the meat floral liver was serious. As we all know, when the meat duck is molded, in order to reduce the feed cost, the feed is often utilized for unconventional raw materials such as mixed meal. The breeding cycle of the meat duck is short, the young duck is small, the organ development is not perfect, the detoxification capacity is poor, due to the unconventional raw materials, the accumulation problem of the bacteria, the liver is damaged, even if there is no flower symptoms, will also Leading to two to three days later, the hair is less meat, the material ratio is high, and the cost of breeding is increased. Longchang bile acid can stimulate the development of meat duck stomach in meat duck feed, stimulate internal organs, especially liver, repair liver gallbladder damage, and protect liver and gehere health. The addition of bile acids can also increase the duck ducks to nutrients, especially fat, accelerate growth, and reduce meat duck. In addition, the price of raw materials rose, but also causes a lot of phenomena in the raw material market, and the mass of the meat duck feed is extremely unstable, and the problem of mold toxin is serious. The use of unconventional raw materials is poor. At this time, the problem of non-virus is caused by non-virus, but the toxin exceeds the standard. In most cases, the corresponding influenza virus, Ankara virus, adenovirus detection is positive. In this case, Longchang bile acid is added to the feed, which can stabilize the feed quality, remove harmful substances such as metabolic waste accumulated in animal liver, to reduce the liver burden to protect the liver and care. In the large environment of interest, reducing feed costs, improving feed competitiveness is the no choice of various feed manufacturers, which also promotes a lot of application of unconventional raw materials. Due to the various real problems of unconventional raw materials, the health of hepatobiliary system has become a common understanding of current breeding. Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. Focus on the restriction of livestock and poultry, the leadership brand – Longchang bile acid, stabilize the quality of the feed, fundamentally solve the problem of liver retention, unique, leading the trend, become green There are not many highlights in the field of feed additives! The article is transferred from the official website of Longchang Bile Acid (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source

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