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Spring is a season of all things, and the season of various animals. Whenever this season is coming, the farmers always start breeding work with hope that the fox can “more than a white, less death, long, sell well”.
However, the desire is always beautiful, but the reality is cruel. In this breeding season, there is always an uncomfortable fox estrus, or even love, let friends are both angry and distressed, but they always have no way.
What is the reason for causing fox late, not estrus? What is the mysterious hand to manipulate this? This article brings you to this mystery, discuss the conversion password of the left and right fox estrus.
Fox in the case of correct and reasonable feeding management, the reproductive organs are developed normally. When the sunlight reaches a node, the light passes the retinal nerve through the eye, and the pine fruit is secreted with melatonin, and the melatonin stimulates the pituitary body. Secretarrily promote follicular nation and lurosomes.
Foloid in the ovary rapidly grows under the action of these two hormones, while producing an estrogen similar to ethylene female phenol. Motherlf produces sexual desire under such estrogen stimulation, and estrus. On the first day of the emotional symptom (Silver Fox) or the next day (Blue Fox and some silver fox), ovals were mature, and the egg was excluded.
At this time, the fertilization or mating, the sperm and the egg are combined into a fertilized egg. The follicle latch after the egg is removed, forming an organ, referred to as a yellow body. The yellow body can secrete progesterone, which can promote the criminal bed and maintain a pregnancy. This is a basic process of fox estrus.
Through the above, it can be seen that there are two conditions that determine the estrus of the fox, one is the healthy development of the fox genital organ, extremely mature. This is the physiological basis of fox estrus, we can call it its own hardware.
The other is a variation in the variation of the fox in the vivo-activated fox, which we call it external software. When your own hardware is mature, when the external software is started, the reproductive system of the entire animal body will begin normal operation.
Of course, only reproductive organs are mature to secrete hormones, and only the correct secretion of hormones can be started, promote the development of genital organs, so these two conditions are complementary. These two conditions have extended extension and involve a number of factors such as genetic, nutrition, management, disease, illumination intensity.
This many factors complement each other, ring ringThe buckle is formed into a conjunction with the fox estrus. If one of these factors, there is a problem in a certain link, it is possible to cause fox estrus, and even unsatisfactory.
If you want a good estrus, you must start from scientific selection, reasonable with nutrients, improve management level, and reduce multiple pathways such as disease.
Practice is the only standard for testing truth, success is the only result of practicing what they want. But there is no theoretical guidance, the success can only be accidental. If you want to let the lucky goddess look at you, only theoretical contact is actually.

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