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US NRC’s latest goat nutrition needs
Since the US NRC1981 issued “Nutritional Needs in Goat” in the United States, it has been widely used in the world. After this, the French INRA (National Agronomy Research Institute) and the UK AFRC (Agricultural Research Committee) also published their own “Nutritional need for goat”, but INRA and AFRC only involve the variety of milk goats. The IGR (Goat Research Institute) of Langston University, also published “Nutritional Needs of Goat” in 2004, which includes milk goats, meat goats, local goats and Angolange sheep type systems. Therefore, the US NRC published in 2007, “Nutritional Needs” (included in “NuTrient Requirements of Small Ruminants”) almost completely adopted the goat type system of Lampon University IGR.
I put the goat nutrition in the “NuTrient Requirements of Small Ruminant” files in different downloads, forming the table, forming this NRC (2007) goat nutrition, a total of 27 pages, but unfortunately two pages But there is no problem.
If everyone is not satisfied with the incompleteness of this file, I can also download the “Nutrient Requirements of Goats” in NRC1981, in my network disk. If some netizens are interested in the NUTRIENT Requirements of Goats published by the University of Lanston University, I can be found in my network disk.

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