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The shrimp farmer knows that the liver period is a key period for the transformation of shrimp and liver and pancreatic function. If the liver pancreatic development is not good, then in the later period of the culture, the shrimp can cause liver and pancreatic lesions, and the liver is slow, and the liver pancreas is red. , Fatty liver and other phenomena, and difficult to repair. Using bile acid protects the liver and pancanism of shrimp to achieve the survival rate of shrimp transverse liver period, improve the survival rate of the shrimp.

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Henan Xinxiang Li boss, factory cultured South American white prawns, from 15 years, bile acid, one ton of feed plus 1000 grams of bile acid (30% premix Agent). Recently, he took the initiative to find me on WeChat: “It is very good when you use your bile acid to turn your liver.” And send video as evidence.
R & D and production of green, safe, efficient feed additives, solve problems for companies and farmers, and create value is the pursuit of Longchang movement. Real feedback from the customer proves that our bile acid has brought the effect to the customer and created value. Using bile acids to turn the liver period, the customer actively feeds back the effect and thank us, which makes us feel very proud. So why use Longchang bile acid to turn the liver and common liver and pancreas for shrimp? The following aspects: 1, bile acid can promote the emulsification, digestion and absorption of fat, reduce the deposition of fat in the liver, and thus reduce the burden on the liver and periodic hepatosis; Toxins, prevent endotoxins from entering the liver, reduce the absorption of the intestinal and liver to prevent endotoxins from damage to intestinal, liverpsis and even shrimps; 3, bile acid can enhance liver function, promote liver detoxification, Thus, the virulence substance can be reduced in the virulence of the liver period to the hepatic pancreatic; 4, the goose deoxycholic acid in the bile acid has the effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, can be relieved, improve the inflammatory response of the liver and periodic hepatosis; 5 It can promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients such as fatty vitamins and cholesterol in the feed, helping shrimp to smooth the liver period. All in all, bile acid can improve the health of the liver and the liver and the liver and promote the growth of shrimp, and improve the survival of shrimp.rate.
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