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Refrigerator visualization management
Topical background

The fridge in the pig farm has three modes, one is the most common vaccine storage refrigerator (storage of hormone drug), and the other is for freezing The disease (PED is serious, the disease that needs to be stored in many pig farms often require a dedicated refrigerator), followed by the 17-degree constant temperature refrigerator for storage semen.

There may be differences in admission and management of each company’s item, usually, the material is received by the storage or statistical responsible for the item. It has been heard that the vaccination is even by us for a long time. The vaccine did not be stored in accordance with the requirements of the vaccination, resulting in a request to be stored. In order to do such a management approach, the refrigerator logo, and distinguish management. Maximize the loss of property damage caused by human error and loss of pigs. (A refrigerator vaccine is tens of thousands)

The on-site use effect is as follows

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1, the refrigerator is numbered. Distinguish frozen and refrigerated.

2, all refrigerators must be responsible, put the temperature recorder in the refrigerator, and the export temperature change curve is taken once a week. Daily head checks if the refrigerator is frozen, the vaccine and related products have freezing.

3, the refrigerator label management, clearly marking the name of the product, the name of the vaccine or drug, and the general name.

4, the refrigerator label is marked with the storage requirements of the refrigerator.

5, all inspections must be traceable, register, regularly check.

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