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Dr. Wang Dai, founder of the Animal Husbandry website (China Animal Forum). In the early years, I have read in, Shandong Agricultural University (undergraduate), Northeast Agricultural University (Master), China Agricultural University (Ph.D.), is now following Postdoctors after the researcher of the Inner Mongolia Agricultural Animal Husbandry Academy.

Dr. Wang, sent learning in the feed enterprise and farm, and worked in the technical management and on-site service of many domestic feed and additive enterprises. Good at animal nutrition technology design and product application application. The small pig formula designed and produced independently developed, and it has the present invention.
As far as Wang Dr. Wang, there will be an internal training of animal nutrition and feeding management during our pig farm users. Give our users to deliver scientific and reasonable animal nutrition, feed raw materials and feeding management technology knowledge, to control the user, transfer value.

2, product feed and self-ingredient difference
3, about management, epidemic prevention, nutrition, varieties Relationship
4, the relationship between nutrition and disease
5, some principles on the formulation of sow
6, the relationship between immunity and protein nutrition
8. Feed control strategy (5th floor) during breeding process

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