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People farming South American white prawns know that the liver plays a crucial role in shrimp, nutrient absorption, energy storage, etc. liver.

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Production practice proves that bile acids can significantly improve the health of shrimp and so on, so that the liver and intestinal development of shrimp are clear and full, long-term use of bile acid can prevent enteritis, whitening, liver atrophy, liver bad death The occurrence of diseases, reducing the incidence, and improving the survival rate of shrimp culture. WeChat picture _20181023113304.jpg

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Bile acid is the main component of bile secretion of vertebrate liver, and play an irreplaceable role in fat metabolism and liver gallbuts in the animal. Longchang bile acid is a new feed additive made from the active ingredient extracted from animal gallbladder. Adding bile acids in the mixed bile acid in the shrimp breeding, can serve as the following effects: 1, promote the development of the liver and pancreatic, promote the absorption and storage of fatty acids, especially cholesterol, promote the smoothness of the liver, to cause the liver and intestinal development It is clear and full.

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2018-10-23 14:14 upload 2, providing energy for hepatocyte growth metabolism, promoting hepatocyte regeneration, effective should be symptoms such as red liver, white liver, liver atrophy; with Eucommia leaf extract and beneficial bacteria can effectively prevent white urination syndrome, Reduce the incidence and increase the survival rate of more than 10%. 3, promote the liver and pancreatic detoxification. Bile acid can bind to toxins in vivo, promote toxins from the intestine,Reduce the accumulation accumulation in the intestinal and liver, restore the health of liver pancreas.

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4, promote the synthesis of peel hormones, promote the smooth shelter of shrimp, and prevent leaching. In summary, the choice of bile acids in South American white shrimp and liver pancreas. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan. South American white pearl, Longchang bile acid, liver liver

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