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How is the breeding wastewater?
There are three reasons for the production and water quality deterioration in aquaculture: First, the excretion of the aquatic products and the secretion of viscous materials. The second is that the feed and the drug have been added; the third is that water treatment is not timely.
Cause Analysis of Breeding Wastewater (1) During the aquaculture, the amount of feed (including calcium, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and other elements), the nitrogen, phosphorus is only very little part of the nitrogen and phosphorus. Absorbed, these elements accumulate that the residual contamination and the aquaculture water product are created to form a new pollutant to cause serious pollution; the bait is too much, the fish is too full, which will reduce the digestibility of the feed, resulting in the bait Increase, increase the feed factor; at the same time, due to excessive bait, feces, an oxygen decomposition, producing a large number of hazardous substances, and gradually deteriorate the water environment. In addition, due to the deterioration of the water body, the pathogen is reproduced, and it is easy to cause the occurrence of water product disease, which causes a lot of death, which is particularly serious.
(2) Prevention and treatment of diseases and drugs to invest excessive farmers will usually increase the cultured density in order to increase their interests, and the aquaculture density is too large, the excrement and harmful substances increase, which is easy to cause deterioration of water quality. A series of diseases occur, and then have to use a lot of medicine. However, the drug has three distinct toxic. Excessive drugs themselves have poisonous water products, may produce dual infections, drug resistance, environmental pollution, and toxic effects in the human body through the enrichment of the food chain.
(3) Water treatment is not perfect in time, leading to large water-rehabilitation workload, and can not even be completed in time, thereby deteriorating water quality, affecting fish growth.
Aquaculture Water Improvement Measures (1) Optimize feed nutrient composition and feed mode according to the size of the aquatic product, select the appropriate particulate feed, can improve the feed utilization rate of about 15%; the feed is added to the digestible carbohydrate, which can improve Protein utilization; correctly grasping the number and feed method. For the same specification fish, after the division of the pool, the feed specification and the amount of feed spectropolitan to these adjacent breasts are the same. Just determine the total bait amount of these fish ponds, then the average distribution of feed feed feeds in each pool can be. This is easier to do all fish ponds, feeding.
(2) Reduce drug use, improve the disease resistance of water products
rationally mixed. Different kinds of aquatic products are different, and some parasites can only be parasitic to some kind of host.Other aquatic products have immunity, reasonable mixing, make this water density decrease, and the parasites are reduced; adjust the stocking time. For outdoor farming, you should replace the spring stock to adapt to the environment early. Due to the low temperature in winter, the aquatic products are not easy to be injured and sick. At the same time, they can be fed after the spring water temperature rebounded, and the fish is quickly recovered, thus enhancing disease resistance; regularly do water sterilization. Do a disease premature defense, disease early treatment, anti-weight, and improve the immunity of water products. Improve immunity can be improved by oral, spray, injection or soaking vaccine, etc.; strengthen management. Every day inspections, observe the status of water products, water quality changes, etc., to find problems, take ambulance measures in time, and require timed cleanup and disinfect the breeding tank.
(3) Construction perfect water treatment system
uses circulating water breeding mode, by transforming breeding model, adding a suitable water treatment equipment, making breeding water “move”, although adding some costs, but The trouble of changing water, and this equipment is small, and more important is that the energy consumption is low, it can save money and other expenses.

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