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Rabbits are thick, lack of sweat glands (there are few sweat glands only on the lips), and body temperature regulatory function is not perfect, so it is not as good as other livestock by sweating and skin heat dissipation. The main path of rabbit heat is to breathe and excrete.

When the external temperature rises, the rabbit will increase the amount of breathing to achieve heat dissipation, but because the rabbit chest is small, the lung is not very developed, and it is certainly limited to increase the number of respiratures to heat dissipation. Therefore, long-term high temperature environments can cause decline in rabbits, indigestion, and decline in reproductive ability. At high temperatures, there should be sufficient drinking water to promote excretion and strengthen the heat of heat. The rabbit is adapted to the environmental temperature change, there is a significant age difference, and the young rabbit is required to have a high ambient temperature. Under lower temperature conditions, it is difficult to maintain normal body temperature, and the adult rabbit is opposite, anti-cold and high temperature . Consult QQ: 2627108897
Rabbit hurts is essential, you can take measures: water curtain, fan, slash network, bricks soaked in cold water, put in rabbit, sprinkle water, etc., in drinking water In the mix, some mint leaves can also be placed in a proper amount;

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Add a whitehead in the mix, you can use heat and detoxification, cool blood, add intestinal experts to increase rabbit group immunity Force, increase the activity of enzymes, reduce the toxicity of amines; these two can be added for a long time

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