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In the forum, I have searched it in the forum. There are 10 discussion of yak diarrhea. Overall, it is not very perfect, so this week the theme is determined as a new yak diarrhea. Welcome everyone to participate in the discussion! Continue to throw bricks …
New Yaoyiu diarrhea is one of the main factors affecting the mortality rate of calf, and is also one of the main problems affecting the sustainable development of the dairy. It can lead to pathogens with new yak diarrhea, but the main pathogens, the major pathogens, the gains of methanter, and the original name Wei Shissea, Salmonella, rotavirus, coronary virus, etc. Here, several major pathogens have caused the disease of the calf diarrhea, and the pathogen of different age-age diarrhea yak is giving a doubts, I hope to help everyone.

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It is undeniable that the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of yak diarrhea is a problem that plagues many netizens. In this regard, I want to be two sentences from treatment and prevention:
Treatment: Diarrhea yak is caused by dehydration, so it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment, but also to pay attention to the treatment. The judgment of diarrhea yak dehydration can be refer to the following picture:

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After having an intuitive understanding of the degree of dehydration, the body fluid can be supplemented by oral replenishing salt solution and venous fluid, and activated carbon, kaolin, etc. Adsorption of pathogen and intestinal toxins in the intestineTreatment.

Prevention: The prevention of yak diarrhea should be given from randamin, biosafety management, yak feeding management, etc., any disease is the result of the pathogen and body direct balance, and our purpose is to always Let the body station on the wind. 1) Rightmite Feed: Discover a lot of posts about the postmast breeding on the forum, my point of view is that the yak must be fed more than 2.5 liters of high-quality raw milk. Maybe yak can’t eat so many colors, you can branch through the gastric tube, pay attention to the storage, management and feeding temperature of the raw milk. (Interested friends can search for relevant posts, here no more.)
2) Biosafety management: In fact, biosafety management is a big topic, about 牛 泻, I want to pay attention to not let the calf Too too much of the bulls and become a cow, prevent pathogen spreading, but also prevent the yak in front of weaning (independent yak island feeding). It is also necessary to prevent feeding of milk, water, on behalf of milk powder, and open materials, etc. ! ! Change bad habits, such as:

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Yak feeding management: this knowledge, there are many inums, no longer repeat it.

I hope that everyone will participate in the discussion and add some part I have not said.
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