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Wei Shiscophytic disease is also called Rabbit Wei’s clobacterial enteritis, which has this disease of rabbit spirit, do not eat food, the eye is saved, and it is rough and chaotic, and there is no symptom in the two ear. In addition to death, most of them show symptoms of acute diarrhea, generally dying 12-48 hours after this similar symptoms occur.
There are also a few rabbits to delay to 7 days or die. Wei Shissei belongs to a conditional pathogenic bacteria, and Wei’s Clostridium is likely to occur in four seasons in the year, and the spring is most common. It is generally through digestive tract infection, it must pay attention to the rabbit’s feeding, and the hygiene of the rabbit farm, the feed of rabbits will also trigger Weishus. This subporation news is from Antobu, Agricultural College

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