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Speaking of ducks, I believe that most people have emerged in Beijing roast duck. According to Xiaobian, the ducks used in Beijing roast ducks are raised with gold babels. The use of fermentation beds can not only be used to raise ducks, and they can see the fermentation bed in raising pigs, raising chickens. Fermentation bed breeding can be deodorized and environmentally friendly, saving food, but if management is not good during use.

First, when the duck vesicle is too large, it can start from four aspects.
1, feeding density: reasonable feeding density is a key factor in ensuring normal operation of the dried fermentation bed. Danacher’s decomposition of manure is certain, if the amount of manure is too large, it will decompose, resulting in the stack of manure, the amount of pad is wet; the fermentation bed duck is 4-6 / square meter should.
2, ventilation and breathability: ventilation is the main way to solve the moisture, and the normal operation of the fermentation requires adequate oxygen participation. If there is no good ventilation, the water evaporation after the decomposition of the fermented bed in the duck house will affect the water evaporation in the fermentation bed, and the moisture is not smooth, which will lead to moisture.
3, moisture other than the urine: If the rain, drinking water, the top drip water, etc., additional water, etc., causing the dry Sacher, resulting in a moisture, and therefore, it should pay attention to the infrastructure management of the circle.
4, improperly reversed, not timely: upside down the discharge of the middle water vapor, can greatly reduce the humidity of the dried fermentation bed. The sharp depth is shallow, the interval is long, or the fermented bed is not being paid, which will affect the moisture in the fermentation bed.
Second, commonly used duck fermentation bed humidity excessive remedial measures
1. Control feeding density: excessive feeding density, control the number of farmers in the fermentation bed unit, reduce the source of feces, to ensure timely decomposition .
2, strengthen the ventilation: Duck house ventilation and breathability difference can reduce the humidity of the air according to the skylight, floor and windows, air blowers, etc., increase the evaporation speed, so that the overall operation of the fermentation bed tends to normalize.
A portion of the dry pad can be added to lower moisture or replacement processing for a portion of the amount of the low moisture.
4, increase the overcart of the frequency: diligent pouring material is also lowering the lowThe good way of humidity, generally guarantees 1 week, and should pay attention to strengthen ventilation and breathable when you turn over.

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