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Compared with traditional culture, the circulating water breeding system has a small natural condition (such as the water turbidity caused by the height), low operating costs (especially in the absence of water point and farming structural high) and winter heating period This is especially the increasing importance. In the production of circulating water, the aquaculture water increases the number of cycles in the system, affecting the normal growth of the breeding object. The advantages of the circulating water system are unquestionable, but it does have a certain problem, one is that there is no perfect facility in the system.
The main source of the organic matter of circulating water breeding system: First, the flaunt is dissolved in water, and the second is other organic substrates produced under the action of cultured objects and the above organic matter in microorganisms such as bacteria. Organic is an important source of nutrients such as microorganisms such as bacteria. Under aerobic conditions, the bacteria have reproduced a large amount of water, and the water dissolved in oxygen (DO) is lowered. Therefore, it is an important measure to reduce the organic material content in the water.
The protein separation is to introduce gas into the water to form bubbles, surface active substances or hydrophilic slightly suspended micro-suspensions, and float to the upper portion of the separator to form a foam layer to separate the process. Organic objects in water have a two-pro structure, which is easily adsorbed on the bubble, and thus it can be separated.
First, the substance of the organic mass concentration affects the removal of the protein separator to separate the organic matter in the protein separator is to use the adsorption or the like. Surface tension directly affects the amount of adsorption. Thus, the organic mass concentration plays a decision to the removal rate. According to the data, in water having a low viscosity, the surface active substance or electrolyte can be added, and the combination of bubbles can be suppressed, and a certain concentration can even prevent the combination of the bubble.
In the case where the organic material concentration in the water is low, with the increase of the surface active material concentration, the surface tension of water is lowered, in which case the increase in surface active material concentration in the water is conducive to increasing removal efficiency. The increase in concentration can also increase the concentration gradient to reduce the time required to reach the adsorption balance.
Second, the protein separator height to remove the height of the organic matter affecting the separator and the relationship between the organic mass concentration of the organic material to achieve the organic material mass concentration of the treated water, for a water containing the organic product quality concentration, The time in contact with bubbles in the separator is different. The height of the separator affects the contact time of organic matter and bubbles in water. The contact time is too short, the organic matter in the water is stillThe discharged separator is discharged, which has lowered the removal rate, but the separator is too high, although there is sufficient contact time, but during the bubble rise, because the pressure changes in the bubbles, the rupture of bubbles and the combination , Affect the separation effect of the separator. However, the increase in the height of the separator is conducive to increasing the contact time, which in turn is not conducive to the stability of the bubble, all must have a certain liquid column height to ensure that the bubbles rise to the foam layer can be soaked.
Source: Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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