What are the causes of chicken hair?

The chicken group is bright, and it is a lot of raising chicken friends. But the chicken is easy to lose, this is what is the reason.

First nutrition
The normal growth of feathers requires sufficient nutrients in the feed, once filling, first considering whether the energy in the feed is sufficient, if the energy in the feed can cause the chicken feathers to fall off; Secondly consider the protein level in the feed, especially the sulfur-containing amino acid in the feed. When these nutrients are lacking, they will cause a large number of feathers to fall off, and the production is slow, resulting in large groups. The third considered feed in the feed salt content, and if salt is too high, the salt poisoning will also cause the occurrence of feathers.

The second environment
When the temperature in the chicken house is too high, the chicken group sometimes occurs a small amount of phenomenon, if it is a high temperature weather, can be considered whether it is a chicken temperature It is going to lower the chicken group. It is also important to note that the season is alternate and the illumination occurs when the light change is changed.
The third feeding method
When the cage, the chicken neck will drop the hairy, and must check if it is a fond that is not suitable.

Fourth physiological problem
After the peak of the eggs of the chicken, the estrogen of the body gradually decreased, and the producer will appear local exchange, mainly in the neck and the back. Chickens in spring will also show the occurrence of feathers falling in autumn.
The fifth management problem
There will be a large group of short-term feeding, insufficient drinking water or some should have a large group of hairy, which will improve from management.
Sixth disease
When some disease occurs, the occurrence of furnish, such as in vitro parasites, virus disease, etc.

Seventh / 1/200/wwy, flocking, and 啄 啄, etc. will halt. At this time, you can use plus fat, long crown feathers.

The hair loss of the chicken must pay attention to avoid selling, and the economic income is directly affected. Find the reason for the hair, improved and preventive treatment in time, quickly let the chicken crown red.

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