What are the causes of chicken pulling feces?

The feed of the chicken is not completely absorbed, and the fever will appear. This shows that it is a problem that the intestines of the chicken group or other aspects. If the feed of chicken is digested, it will cause waste, and the material is high. Moreover, the unsatisfactory feed will ferment in the chicken house, the ammonia is relatively heavy, which has an effect on the respiratory tract of the chicken. It also affects the growth of the chicken group. What are the causes of chicken flock? Today, Li Chen is coming to share with you.

01 Meliler Fender Caused by Mold Toxin

The feed of chicken is a first place of mold patron. If the chicken will cause moldy food, it will cause the chicken to pull, which may also lead to diarrhea, ascites, ascites, or epiral syndrome, repeatedly. Therefore, it is necessary to add the mold in the feed.

02 Chicken Colorestallocalypse Disorder Help will be pulled into the feed

The intestinal flora is disordered, then the digestive function must be affected. If the intestinal flora has been unstable, it will make Clostridium organic, causing closenia to reproduce, triggering chicken necrotic enteritis. In order to maintain the normal operation of the intestines of the chicken, ensure that the flora balance can give the chicken group to balance the strain, promote the intestinal absorption and improve the feed conversion rate, and reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease.

03 Chicken parasitic disease caused by pulling the feed

Small colonal insect disease happened, mainly parasitic in the chicken intestines, leaning against chicken Nutrition survives. If it is not added, the inflammation of the small intestine will cause the feed digestibility. It is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine ulnoth and intestinal Corning treatment at the time of onset. Usually, the honeyhouse can reduce the occurrence of coccidia.

Parasitic diseases such as aphid worm can also cause chicken to talk, because it will cause inflammation to cause inflammation, reduce the digestive function of chicken, and increase slurry. Penazole can be used in worms.

04 Clostridial enteritis caused pulling the feed

In the process of feeding, intestinal damage caused by some reasons, resulting in the intestinal mucosa to fall off. After the chicken is out of stock, the anaerobic environment formed by the intestinal mucosa is very conducive to the growth of Clostridia. The growth of Clostridia will cause necrotic inflammation in the intestinal tract, increase the intestinal exudation, resulting in the feedProduce.

05 The reason why the feed will also cause the chicken pulling

Improper feed selection, such as the protein content is too high, or the feed itself is not good, then chicken The group will not be able to digest it.

06 should be proud of the chicken will also pull the feed

Stress is the source of the disease. For example, the heat should increase in the amount of water, a large amount of water is discharged, resulting in poor feces and molding, when the environment is changed, the chicken group is not adapted, the digestive function is disordered, causing diarrhea.

07 Other reasons can also cause chicken pulleys

Water quality, drinking water hypermachid, some mineral exceeding the standard can also cause chicken body diarrhea pulling thin material.
These are the reasons why we often encounter in the roar chicken process. I hope to help more chicken friends. Everyone can make the chicken can make the chicken can make the fermentation of the fermentation bacteria, and use live bacteria to balance the bacteria, promote the intestinal absorption and improve the feed conversion, reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs.

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