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During the breeding process, we often find that some individuals in the chicken group have a phenomenon, and the main part of the hair is in the neck and back. The main cause of chicken is mainly dermatitis (including folliculitis), feather structure and texture abnormality or brittle, feather replacement, etc., causing these abnormalities, which is complex and diverse, summary, there are several aspects. .
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1, the energy level is low
The energy level in the feed is low, causing the energy of the chicken. Insufficient income, thereby causing feathers to fall off. There is a problem of low energy high proteins in the feed formula, which is the main reason for hair removal.
2, low protein level
low protein level, especially the sulfur amino acid deficiency, can directly affect the main components of the feathers, such as the synthesis of keratin, poultry, especially the adult poultry, has a large amount of falling off, some Even after the whole body fell, it is delayed. The diseased poultry, the hotfather in the neck is falling off, often used by other companions, causing skin infection, and even the same class, mutual attack.
3, the salt content is too high
Feed in the feed salt content of the salt can cause salt poisoning of the chicken. Chronic poisoning, feather is easy to fall off.
Second, environmental problems
1, temperature
In the high temperature season, the chicken will have a small amount of phenomenon in order to distribute heat, but the performance in the newly opened genetics is not obvious.
2, light
frequently stopped or forgotten the turntable, changing the switching lamp time will result in a decline in egg hooks and cause hair removal. Seasonal alternating (especially in spring and summer) is suddenly enhanced, causing not suitable stress in chickens, which is easy to cause hair removal.

Third, aquaculture equipment problem
my country’s currently used chicken cage is mainly three-layer stepped cage, and the spacing of the front mesh of the chicken cage is smaller, when the chicken is in feeding and drinking water. The head and neck extend out of the process of the neck feathers often rub with the front network, and the time will lead to the hen neck.The feathers were broken or shed. On the contrary, the feathers of the bamboo cages are used.

Fourth, physiological problems
After the peak of laying eggs, the level of estrogen in the body decreased, and the production of the producer will have local exchanges, especially in the neck and Back. The chicken opened in spring will appear partial feathers after entering the fall.

Fifth, management issues
1, the amount of feeding
When the feeding capacity of the egg hook is controlled, it will appear in the case of long-term feeding, and the phenomenon will occur. . This situation is not necessarily accompanied by the decline in the egg rate, and the eggs can be reluctant.
2, water shortage
Long-term water, especially in summer, can cause severe stress-to-hunning, and have a severe decline in egg production.
3, stress
In the daily management of seed chickens, if some strong non-rumor stress occurs, it will cause significant reduction in egg yaw rate and induce hair.

Sixth, disease problems
Certain diseases often accompany the emergence of fur, such as parasites (chicken feather / mites), viral diseases (flu, etc.). It can be used in a rigidity, and left-opticimidazole such as hydrochloride.

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