What are the causes of sow abortion? How to prevent treatment

Sow abortion is one of the common problems. Once the treatment is not good, it will bring significant economic losses to the farmers, so farmers should pay attention to these problems, prevent the mother pig abortion, and improve the economic benefits of breeding.
Causes of sow abortion:
(1) Nutrition, severe lack of protein, vitamin and minerals in the octaves of pregnant pigs.
(2) The sow is overfertile, and it is thin. There are more fats around the fertile pig uterus, and the oppressed uterus causes insufficient blood supply or to expand the uterus to expand with the growth of the fetus, thereby limiting the growth and development of the fetus. Those is mainly caused by malnutrition.
(3) Public and sows are highly close relatives to breed embryonic lifestyle.
(4) Suddenly change the feed, so that the pregnant sow cannot endure.
(5) Feeding frozen feed or drinking water in winter or early spring.
(6) Sleeping in a cold and humid pig ring for a long time.
(7) Improper management, such as grazing, bite, journey, hit a cold whip, forced rushing, play pigs, kick pigs, etc .; pigs are too crowded, pig struggle squeeze, etc. The pig nest is high and low, and the fetus is abnormal.
(8) Soda has some highly burnt diseases, such as piglets, pigs, flu, flu, pneumonia, other sepsis, etc.
(9) The sow is suffering from the sows, porchips or eczema, often uses it because itching.
(10) Various poisoning, such as mold poisoning, cottonseed cake poisoning, rapeseed cake poisoning, acid-wide, acid poisoning, and various highly toxic pesticide poisoning.
Prevention and treatment:
(1) Supplementary nutrients, can be added to the feed to increase the sow movement and illumination time, avoid the mother pig too obese
(3) prohibiting near-relatives, improve Embryo mass
(4) Forbidden feeding, deterioration, frozen, feed with toxicity and strong irritating
(5) Maintain clean and tidy in pigstones
(6) Do good mildew , Add Demeanji
(7) Drug Prevention: Add Mother Chemond, 1000g of 1000 kg, long-term added. Release immunosuppression, improve vaccine immune effectiveness, enhance disease-resistance, sow luminous, safe and protect three abortion during sow pregnancy (13,23,60 days after breeding).
Winter, raising pregnant mother pig should pay attention to keep warm, and the air is circulated in the house, providing a good growth for pigs.The environment is to avoid the occurrence of pig fluid production, and it can better ensure good breeding of sows, and promote the healthy development of the pig farm.

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