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Choosing a rabbit should be patient and meticulous. Anything that does not meet the appearance of this variety must not be used. There are various physiological defects or malformations, whether it is congenital or later, it is also useless. Common malformations are as follows:

First, the door teeth are also called the mandibular jaws. Some home is from the top door to the top, like the long ivory, but the upper door is long, bending long, like a sheep, seriously affecting the rabbit, feeding long grass More difficult, it is easy to puncture the upper jaw and the gum.
Second, the two legs of the eight legs extend to the front, which is eight characters, and it is difficult to step. Eight legs have congenital, and there is also future. Congenital will be genetically biocated, and latter is due to malnutrition (calcium, phosphorus ratio), improper management (self-cultivation in the bottom of the net, physical center of gravity, causing leg skeleton deformity). Whether it is congenital or later, you can’t do it. QQ 2627108897

Third, the 尻 尻 家 尻 太 尻 尻 不 不 不 不 不 不…. 不 观. 观 不 不 不. 不 不 观 观 观

Four, the rabbit ears of the loud and ear, this is the intrinsic characteristics of this variety, such as the French lit rabbit, the British rabbit, the Netherlands, and the variety, The two ears of rabbits are erected. Due to genetic or reasons, one or two ear hanging, which belongs to defects, should not be used. Tel: 0374-8136766

In addition, the male rabbit cryptorica, montes or small tests, genus malformed, and the female rabbit is too small, and it is not appropriate to stay.

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