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The energy feed refers to a feed of a crude fiber content in the feed dry matter, a feed of crude protein below 20%. For example, the root stems of the valley, the bran, starch block, the stem, a bad slack, etc., and the amount of digestion per kilogram of feed is more than 10.46 mJ or more feed. There are several clear criteria here, that is, the crude fiber content is less than 18%, crude protein is less than 20%, containing digestion per kilogram of dry matter at 10.46 mJ or more. With this standard, protein feed is excluded, and the rest are energy feed.
What are the good energy feeds?

The first is the cereal, except for the commonly used corn, there are sorghum, wheat, rice, etc .; these materials that can be used as feeds, because price or other factors are used as feed, there are not many times, However, it is still a candidate for energy feed. When corn supply is not ordered, these raw materials can be used instead of corn as energy feed.

The by-products of the valley belong to energy feeds, such as bran, fine rice bran, etc., the energy contained in each kilogram of dry matter has exceeded 10.46MJ, and is also a good energy feed.

In addition, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other blocks, alcohol, vinegar, etc., are also available energy feeds.

Today, it is also necessary to introduce a better energy feed, which is fat; the energy of fat is 9.0 mega / kg (or 37.6 megawa / kg), is two starch or protein. More than double, and the fat digestion is very high; as an energy feed, it is better than valley. The reason for the use of fat in the feed is because of its high prices, it can still be used as a pig’s energy feed when the special period or the fat is relatively low. For example, in the breastfeeding pig feed, the piglet feed will often add a certain amount of fat; in the fertilizer pork fertilizer stage, add fat will significantly improve the growth rate, go out early; if it encounters the high price, When possible, add fat earlyOut, you can catch up with the pig price, the value of the fat is not simple to provide energy.
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