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Beep feed includes five kinds of green feed, fine feed, animal feed, mineral and special feed.
Qingfeng, in addition to wild weed, outside the leaves, mainly artificially planted high-quality pasture. Such as ryegrass, clover, polymerization, Sudanese grass, string loose vegetaria and newly introduced Roumeiks, etc.
The crude feed refers to the stems and leaves of all kinds of crops, such as straw, corn stalks, soy stalks, peas, peanut vines such as agricultural and sideline products. After cutting, powder, wetting, soaking, fermentation, ammonia, and silage, feeding sheep. Sperm feed, also called energy protein feed. Mainly corn, barley, wheat, miscellaneous grains and bean residues, bran, bean cakes, vegetable cakes and other agricultural and sideline products. It is a feed for high nutritional value and good equipped.
Animal feed has high protein feed such as fish powder, silkworm chrysalium, blood powder, meat. Suitable for feeding lambs and ewes.

Mineral feed is mainly salt, bone powder, shell powder, calcium carbonate, etc. Special feed refers to urea. It can only be mixed into carbohydrate and bold feed, only from 0.02% -0.05% of sheep weight
Roumeix, agricultural and sideline products, clover, protein, calcium carbonate

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