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What are the feed? How to choose feed feed? How to match the feed of cow can speed up the growth of the beef cattle? This article will solve the most concerned questions from these cattle friends. It can be said that choosing a good feed, you can raise the cow, make money!

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Nursing Cow’s feed

Feeds feed 1: Forage

The forage mainly includes natural Forage, artificial cultivation pasture and vegetable feed, etc. It is characterized by rich nutrients, high crude protein content, generally 12% to 25%, quality ratio and good agricultural and sideline products. The content of crude fibers is lower in the early stage of plant growth, and later is higher. The green feed is good, easy to digest, but the volume is large, and the water content is much. In the green feed, the quality of the beans and the pace of the beans and the vegetable feed is good. Frequent green feeding feeding a cow with grass, corn leaf, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, wild blue grass, sugar cane, carrot, etc.

Feed 2: Silage

Silage is to put fresh green juicy feed, such as corn straw, sugar cane, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, grass, sweet potato, etc. After the harvest is directly or after proper air-drying, chopping, sealing is stored in a silage, tower or tower, and is made of lactic acid fermentation. It can maintain the nutritional value of the green feed, improve the right to raw materials, and adjust the balance supply of the green feed, which is a good feed for feeding the cattle.

Feeding of cattle three: fine material supplement

Although the bull is mainly crude with forage, silage, the crude feed does not completely meet the nutrient need of meat, to ensure the cattle Profits, you need to make the beef cattle quickly, you need to feed the fine feed.

The comprehensiveness of fine feed nutrition directly affects the growth and development of beef cattle. Sperm feed includes energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, trace (constant)Vitamin.
1, energy feed: mainly including corn, sorghum, barley, etc., about 60% -70% of the fine feed.
2, protein feed: mainly including bean cakes (), cotton pie (), peanut cake, etc., about 20% -25% of the fine feed.
3, mineral feed: mainly including bone powder, salt, small soda, micro (constant) element, vitamin additive, generally 3% -5% of the amount of fine feed.

Energy feed and protein feed typical farmers can be bought locally, but contain vitamins, mineral feeds of trace elements, due to more species (generally up to dozens), mixed uniformity requirements Requirements, generally recommended meat bulls produced by professional feed manufacturers. Here is recommended to focus on Chilikawa brand, Chicchuan beef cattle, including three products:
1,5% yak, long-term premix (product number: N350);
2, 5 % Buffalium Fertilizer Permissions (Product Number: N650);
3,5% Cow Boy Special Premix (Product Number: N950);

However, 成 成 成料, but how to match the local protein feed and energy feed, let it play the biggest effect, or the majority of farmers compare a headache, and the Chilikawa technical personnel will be based on the special raw materials in the region where the farmers are located. The stage, etc., for the design of a reasonable refining feed formula, purchase Cabochuan Premix, can consult 400-669-8210 customization, design, and adjust the formulation.

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Feed the feed 4: Growing the feed additive

In order to achieve a faster cycle speed, speed up the beef cattle, Chilechuan is also developed Two feeding additive products for beef cattle and sheep, including feed additive products for bonus, digestion, digestive feed additives – Jianweizu diet, feed additive products with strengthening cow and sheep, improved absorption conversion rate – – Rumen multiproprinity;

farmers canAccording to the above two meat cattle and sheep, it is added to the material supplement. It has been added to the refiral supplement. It has been proved by Chiangchuan experiments. The speed is increased by more than 15%;
Chilechuan – focus on do cows and sheeps!

Chilechuan uses the latest developed formula, select feed raw materials, with higher product quality, please consult: 400-669-8210,
At the same time, Chicchuan promises:
Beijing production delivery, guarantee quality effect;
free logistics, send to all parts of the country;
100% damage remediation, invalid full refund;
Do product quality, improve customer benefits!


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