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There are a lot of forages that are not suitable for feeding, hoping that farmers pay attention to in the production process.

Dewing grass, autumn weather began to become cold, and there is often a water beads on the grass in the morning and in the evening. The cattle eats this sketch. Therefore, the autumn cows should wait for the sun to rise, and the dew has disappeared, and it is necessary to go back to the afternoon in the evening.

The frost castor leaves and stems in the autumn season were creamped in the castor leaves and stems containing a castor base toxin, and it was easy to poison.

After semi-dry sweet potato, sauce potatoes, it is easy to suffer from intestinal obstruction (constipation, symptom). Because when sweet potato is harvested, the seedlings have been aging, and the crude fibers in the, then the sunlight is sunned, its crude fiber becomes more soft, and has toughness. After cow, these flexible and non-fractured crude fibers are entangled in the intestines, and some are blocked in the large intestine, some are blocked in the small intestine. If the diagnosis is not timely, it is easy to cause cattle death.

Soft cortical soft soft corte on the corn rod is harvested, and cattle likes to eat, especially when hunger is always swallowed. Because the corn stick soft skin is sweet, the cattle likes to eat, but it contains a large number of crude fibers, the toughness is particularly strong, not easy to chew and digest, causing blocking in the gathering of the flap, and the time will ferment, corrupt, gas, gas, gas, gas, gas, gas, gas, gas And produce a large number of toxic substances, causing cattle to death without poisoning
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