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1. Chicken infectious bronchitis caused by infectious bronchitis virus, the main pathogenesis has a cough, the trachea, sneezing, etc.
2. Avian cholera, caused by multi-killing Bacillus, can infect chicken, duck, goose and other birds. The main pathogenesis is severely dysed and sepsis.
3. Chicken infectious Cystisesis, caused by infectious richest vesicle disease, the main pathogenesis has a spiritual sluggish, shallow color or light green dung, post failure.
4. Newcastle disease, caused by new city disease viruses, mainly in the symptoms, stall, diarrhea, cough, breathing difficult, row green feces, etc.
5. Chicken Bai, from Salmonella, the main pathogenesis has an appetite, the spirit is sluggish, yellow or green feces.

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