What are the fruits that the dog can’t eat?

Maybe you didn’t know that delicious grapes were poisoned with dogs. Maybe you didn’t think of sweet sugar cane, which is not conducive to the health of the dog, but the dog’s dog’s dog has a lot. Fruit is fatal for them. From today, we have to be a careful master, better care about our dog baby. u=521823539,1136339100&fm=26&gp=0.jpg
NO.3: Yang Tao, Banana, Cherry, Kiwi, Sugar Cane, etc.

Yang Tao, banana, cherry and singular fruit, etc. contain mineral sodium, potassium proportion, and sodium, potassium will bring heavy burden to the kidneys of dogs. The cherry can also cause the dog to breathe, and the heart is jumping even shock. The fiber of sugar cane is thick, it is difficult to digest, which is easy to block the intestines of small dogs, and happen.

    [Danger Index] ★★★ ☆ ☆

  • [Review] These fruits belong to the food of the dangerous edge, occasionally a small amount of eating is possible However, it is not possible to eat for a long time or in a lot. In addition, the sugar of cherry and sugar cane is relatively high. If you eat too much, it is easy to bring an obese crisis to the dog, and you can feed one or two.
  • No.2:00

  • These are fruits containing fruit cores, so they must first take the fruit. The peaches and plums of the plums are not excessive, while the seeds are completely unable to eat. Because of the seed cyanide of many melons, it may cause a dog under the dog, vomiting and lower abdominal pain. In addition, the seeds of guava are easy to make the dog constipation.
  • ★★★★
  • [Review] In addition to the excessive nucleus, it is easy to cause dangerous In addition, when feeding mangoes, dogs often have dirty because of contaminated to juice, and careful owners can cut mangoes into small pieces, feeding each time, so that they can control the amount and keep the dog hair Clean.

No.1: Grape, Australia Nut, Walnut, etc. [Reasons for fasting] These two fruits contain toxins, grapes will destroy the kidneys, Australia nuts and nut will affect the digestive system, nervous system and muscle. Once the muscles of the dog are affected, it is easy to cause the serious consequences of paralysis. ★★★★★ [Review] In addition to the chocolate in snacks, the grapes in the fruit are also dogs Natural enemy. Some dogs are relatively low, a grape is enough to make it smashed, because the grape seed contains a dog and polyphenols that cannot be metabolized in the grape seed. So if you bought these fruits at home, we must accept it, so as not to eat dogs.

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