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According to the natural conditions, geographical conditions, social conditions, economic conditions, especially biosafety conditions, and various types of feeding models and their supporting models. Here are several common stocking methods.
1 woodland, ridiculous mountain (beach), pasture stocking

This type of poultry can be preyed at any time to insect and its larvae, foraging grass and grass seeds, humidity, etc., chicken manure fat forest, fertilizer Beach, fat pasture. Poultred birds not only saves feed, reducing costs, but also reduces pests to forests and pastures, which is conducive to trees, pastures. However, in the implementation of the breeding production, the number and type of poultry should be customized by the dense, woodland, ride (beach) of the grassland. If you are poor, you will be less raised or not. Excessive or excessive grazing can destroy vegetation, long-term breeding bases can consider artificial grass and artificial breeding, yellow nunworm, etc., adding silage or yellow straw, etc. to supplement natural feed.
2 Orchard, Sangyuan, Alcoholic Garden, etc. Grazing

This venue is due to not lack of water, fatty, grass thick, and insects. At the time, reasonable stovetop poultry, poultry farming can not only earn rich profits, but also poultry can prey in ants, turtles, duba moths, tigers and other pests, larvae and cockroaches. Poultry foraging teng, premium and falling fruit, you can also eat the effect, play a role in combing, and it is reasonable to normal growth and high yield of fruit trees. Not only saves labor, not only reducing the use of pesticides, but also the feces, and its economic benefits are very significant. However, the number of stocking poultry should strictly control, the number is too large, and the poultry destroys trees and fruits due to hunger. In addition, it should be banned for a week when spraying the pesticide in the garden.
3 Manor, Ecological Park stocking

Due to its artificial and semi-natural characteristics, there is a reasonable arrangement of different poultry according to their different characteristics, including water poultry and some special poultry. There are medicinal health care, viewing, wild, and versin, not only bring economic benefits to the park, but also add special landscapes to the park. A reasonable amount of poultry can be a trees, grass, and challenge in the garden. Not only uses resources, but the poultry manure has increased soil fertility. In this way, the economic benefits and ecological benefits are highly unified, and it is the ideal place to produce green food and garden economy.

4 Ecological Shepherd

It is grazing and feeding, which can make full use of wild feed resources, reduce feed expenses; eat grass, eat insects, to do insecticidal, tortilla The stocking method has a good isolation, less disease occurs, high survival rate; improves the soil quality by placing chicken, changing a single agricultural production structure, reaching a combination of cultivation, and forming a comprehensive benefit.

Rational use of land resources, which can both ease the serious pollution caused by chicken manure emissions, and reduce the amount of fertilizer usage of woodland, and chicken manure contains protein and other nutrients, which can be used as a forest garden. The nutrients such as animals provide enriching protein feed for chickens, saving production costs. Veterinary drug agent 1866.tv

The ecological breeding chicken high-quality pollution, chicken and egg yolter are more deposited, the color is deep, the quality is high, the natural is unique, and the economic efficiency is high.

The non-pollution-free public high-quality broiler produced by grazing and feeding, representing the production direction of my country’s local floral chicken, which makes full use of my country’s natural qualitations, promoting industrial structure adjustment, promoting agricultural growth, farmers’ income, Improve agricultural ecological environments will have a positive impact, and it is a useful technology worthy of vigorous promotion.

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